Florida Market Bulletin
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner

Mission and Overview

The Florida Market Bulletin is published each month by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and is distributed without charge to approximately 20,000 agricultural households throughout the state.  The Market Bulletin is an important way for the Department to disseminate news and information about issues affecting the agriculture industry and the Department’s operations.

Through its classified advertising section, the Bulletin provides a forum for Florida residents to buy and sell agriculturally related items while also giving statewide exposure to small farmers who might not normally have the economic resources for such widespread advertising.  The Bulletin does not publish commercial or display ads, and all items offered for sale must have been produced or used on the seller’s property.

Authorized under Ch. 570.07(4), (17) and Ch. 570.21, Florida Statutes, the Florida Market Bulletin has been published continuously since 1917.  The publication was originally called the “For Sale, Wanted & Exchange,” and was renamed the Florida Market Bulletin in 1961.