Florida Market Bulletin
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner

Advertising Rules and Regulations

The Florida Market Bulletin is published by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide space for Florida residents to advertise agriculturally related goods and services on a statewide basis.

Rules and regulations have been established for the Florida Market Bulletin in order to comply with regulations enforced by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and to maintain the objectives of the publication. The editorial staff of the Florida Market Bulletin reserves the right to determine exceptions to the rules and regulations.

Before submitting an ad for publication, carefully check the General Rules and also the Category Rules under the category heading for which your ad is being submitted. Many ads require signed statements or permit numbers. Ads that do not meet applicable rules will not be published.


 1. All advertisements must be agriculturally oriented.

 2. Only Florida residents are eligible to advertise in the Bulletin. Only Florida                         products may be advertised.

 3. Ads must include the seller’s name, address, county, zip code, and telephone number.     E-mail addresses will be published if provided.

 4. No business, trade or commercial names will be accepted.

 5. Ads from dealers or agents are unacceptable. A dealer is any person who                    buys or acquires agricultural livestock, equipment or other merchandise for the                    purpose of resale; an agent is any person soliciting agricultural merchandise for                    sale or distribution under the partial or full control of an owner or dealer, farm                        equipment or machinery outlet, etc.

 6. Ads must be submitted in writing — either typed or printed clearly — and                     limited to 20 words, excluding required information. The Florida Market Bulletin reserves the right to edit all ads.

 7. Ads may be submitted by completing the form on this web site.  Alternatively, the form found in the printed version of the Florida Market Bulletin, or a facsimile of that form, may be mailed, faxed, or delivered to the Florida Market Bulletin office.  Facsimiles must include all information required by the ad form.

 8. Advertisers may run one ad per category per issue.

 9. All items in an ad should pertain to one category only.

10. Ads will be published as space permits on a first come, first served basis.

11. A new copy of an ad must be submitted for each issue of Florida Market                     Bulletin in which the ad is to run.

12. An asking price should be included for all items offered.


All ads must meet the qualifications of the category in which they will appear.


1.  Ads for machinery and equipment manufactured specifically for agricultural                   purposes are eligible for publication. Ads for jeeps, trucks or automotive                   equipment will not be accepted.

2. Agricultural machinery must be at least 7.5 horsepower, except rototillers.

3. Push type lawnmowers are not eligible.

4. Those wishing to publish listings for equipment must submit the following                   owner signed statement: “This machinery has been used by me in an agricultural endeavor and is not offered for sale by an equipment dealer or commercial enterprise.”


1. Ads for alligator sales must be accompanied by a signed statement that the seller          has a state permit to deal in alligators.


1. Beekeepers offering bees for sale must be registered with the Florida Department             of  Agriculture and Consumer Services and must submit their registration number                   with the ad.  For registration information, contact the Bureau of Apiary                   Inspection, Division of Plant Industry, P.O. Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614,                     telephone (352)372-3505.


1. The cattle owner’s name must appear in “Cattle for Sale” listings.

2. Cattle moving within the state to farms or markets or changing ownership no                    longer require a brucellosis test.  However, the Florida Department of Agriculture                    and Consumer Services strongly recommends that all new herd additions be                    tested as a “best management practice” for animal health.


1. Farm labor is the only employment listing permitted.

2. Anyone seeking farm labor must offer a specific job for employment with pay,                    i.e., farm manager, ranch hand.

3. Housekeeping, nursing, companionship, domestic and personal service jobs are              not  acceptable.

4. Ads offering auctioneer services must include the auctioneer’s name and Florida license number.


1. This category includes only the end products of farm harvest (i.e., vegetables,                  honey, fruit, hay, etc.) grown or produced on the advertiser’s farm.

2. To advertise “organic items,” a state registration number and the name of the                    certifying agent must be submitted with the ad. For information about state                    organic registration, contact Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer                    Services, Division of Marketing and Development, 435 Mayo Building,                    Tallahassee, Florida  32399-0800, telephone (850) 488-9682.


1. All listings must offer 10 or more adjoining acres of land which must be zoned for agriculture.

2. Listings must be accompanied by the following owner-signed statement: "This property offered for sale is personally owned by me, is zoned for agriculture, and is not offered for sale by a licensed real estate dealer, broker, or salesperson."

3. No ads for FARMLAND WANTED will be accepted.


1.  Ads for this category must be accompanied by the following owner-signed                    statement: “This animal has had a negative Coggins test within the past 12                          months.”

2. The owner must supply the buyer with the original owner’s copy or a laboratory                  certified copy of the negative Coggins test for change of ownership.


1.  Advertisements may be accepted for this category if the item does not fit under               any other category and is not otherwise prohibited.

2. Examples of unacceptable ads: recreation, camping and sporting goods; crafts                 and craft items; household pets; dogs (except stock dogs bred and trained for                    farm work); worms; household appliances; air conditioners; building supplies;                    commercial fencing material; books and other documents; boats; guns;                               commercial fertilizer; antiques; campers; and other  personal items.


1. Listings for domestic birds and birds used for food are acceptable.

2. Ads for all migratory birds offered for sale must include a state game farm                    license number and a federal fish and wildlife permit number. For state license                    information, contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,                    Farris Bryant Building, 620 South Meridian Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600,                    telephone (850) 488-3641. For federal permit information, contact the U.S. Fish                    and Wildlife Service, 75 Spring Street S.W., Atlanta, GA 30303, telephone (404)                    679-7070.

3. Ads for fighting birds of any type, and pet birds, such as cage birds (canaries,                    finches) and hookbill birds (parrots, macaws), are not eligible.


1. This category includes both ornamental and agricultural varieties, and applies to               aquatic plants.

2. It is a violation of Florida law to offer plant material for sale which has not been                    inspected for insects and diseases.  For inspection information, contact the                    Division of Plant Industry, P.O. Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614, telephone                    (352) 372-3505.

3. Ads for nursery stock (plants, trees, shrubs, vines, bulbs, cuttings, grafts,                    scions or buds) must be accompanied by a copy of the seller's certificate of                    registration with the Division of Plant Industry, in accordance with Ch. 581.131,                    Florida Statutes, effective July 1, 1995. (Exempted from this requirement are                        aquatic plants, seeds, lawn and pasture grasses, cut flowers, cut fern and cut                    foliage.)

4. Ads for both plant material and seeds must be accompanied by the following                    signed statement: “These items are personally grown on my land and have not                    been purchased for resale.”

5. Ads for plants that have been deemed noxious or invasive by the State of Florida will not be accepted.


1.  All swine (including potbellied pigs) that are sold or offered for sale or exhibition              (except for slaughter), must have evidence of a negative brucellosis test and                           a negative pseudorabies serologic test which has been conducted within the                         previous 30 days, unless proof of exemption can be demonstrated.

2.  Swine (breeders and feeders) may move from farm to farm, to markets or                      change ownership without restriction.  Persons who move feral swine from their                     natural habitat are responsible for satisfying test and permit requirements                      through the Division of Animal Industry, telephone (850) 410-0959.

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