The Bureau of Food Distribution

Bureau of Food Distribution 2002 Annual Report

Within the state, approximately 2 million people receive food daily from the bureau through eligible feeding entities.  As a result, Florida is the fourth largest distribution program in the nation.

Over 100 million pounds of commodities, totaling nearly $70 million were distributed by the bureau during the year to 305 entities including schools, food banks, etc.

         Approximately 222,000,000 meals were served by participants in the National School Lunch Program using commodities distributed by the bureau.

           State school districts utilize processors contracted by the bureau to assist in the preparation of food items for school children and more than 5.3 million pounds of commodities were processed during the year.

         During a disaster, USDA commodities are used by disaster organizations for congregate or mass feeding.   

         Operated by several private, non-profit organizations, the highly successful Food Recovery Program recovers fresh produce and other edible, nutritious food and provides it to the hungry statewide.  Since its inception, almost 88 million pounds of  produce have been distributed by the Food Recovery Program.

Bureau of Food Distribution Mission Statement

Through the establishment of communication, customer service and delivery systems, ensuring that USDA commodities and recovered food are made available to eligible recipient agencies and households.

The Bureau of Food Distribution administers or provides support to five USDA programs in Florida: 

National School Lunch Program 

           Summer Food Service Program

           The Emergency Food Assistance Program 

           Charitable Institutions  

           Disaster Feeding

For more information:

Call 850-487-6694, or write FDACS
Bureau of Food Distribution
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