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Dear Friends:

Even though there has been progress in recent years, the problem of hunger in America continues to be a serious one. Studies consistently find that children and the elderly, as well as households where one or more adults are working, comprise a significant portion of our nation's needy. For a number of years now,
Commissioner Charles H. Bronson
the State of Florida has actively sought sensible solutions to the problem of food insecurity by forming partnerships with Florida farmers, non-profit organizations and food relief agencies to find new ways to alleviate the situation. These efforts have benefited from the Florida Legislature's support and commitment to the Food Recovery Program Act. This law encourages prospective donors and bona fide charitable or non-profit organizations that provide food for the needy or collect and transport food to such organizations to make every reasonable effort to work together to collect and distribute surplus or excess canned or perishable food. This Guide lists organizations that have indicated to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services their interest in the Food Recovery Program and the types of foods they have the capability to recover. The Department does not approve or endorse specific organizations. This information is provided to you as a public service and we encourage you to use it as a reference. Through our joint efforts, we can help eliminate food insecurity.


Commissioner of Agriculture

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