Hay Available
from California

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from California to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Kern County Hay Growers
14125 Costa Joe Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Oat hay/16,000 tons/$80.00 per ton
Barley/6,000 tons/$70.00 per ton
Forage mix/10,000 tons/$95.00 per ton
Alfalfa/18,000 tons/$100.00 per ton
Date of call: 09-01-98

Jim Kuhn Farm
1625 Drew Road
El Centro, CA 92243
760-352-2143 / Fax 760-352-1530

Date of call: 06-30-98

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