Hay Available
from Canada

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from Canada to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Gerry Martens
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Ph: 204-697-4727  Fax: 204-697-4740
Square bales, mixed alfalfa / timothy / orchard grass
Large supplier, small squares approx. 65-75 lbs.
Transport available through supplier
Date of call: 12-28-00

Hi-Way Agri Products
General Delivery
Brunner Onono Ontario Canada NOK1CO
Ph: 519-595-2123
Large square bales first cut and second #1 quality
Yearly availability 15, 000 bales. Also high moisture haylage bales (wrapped) excellent quality.
Delivery available anywhere in North America. Call for prices. Prices vary based on volume and milage.
Date of Call: 07-22-00

Kelly Kent
6000 small square bales/alfalfa, orchard grass mix
Date: 10-20-99

Jim Lintoh
Box 11 Group 2 RR2
Dugald Monitoba Canada R0E0K0
Alfalfa, Orchid & Alfalfa Timothy mix/250 Square bales
Date of call: 01-07-99

Rossmar Farms
Ross Bolton
RR 9 Peterborough On Canada
705-745-8603 / Fax 705-745-2799
Alfalfa mixed & timothy/small square bales can deliver 750 bales at a time
Date of call: 01-07-99

South Manatoba Ranches
Post Office Box 292
Chrystal City, Manatoba Canada R0K 0n0
204/873-2001 / 204/873-2160 (Fax)
Pure Alfalfa 1st, 2nd, & 3rd/SQ bales 3x3x8/can deliver in vans or docks
Date of call: 09-18-98

Hay Busters
Box 91
Clearwater Manitoba, Canada
800-371-7928 / 204-873-2383
Alfalfa grass/500 tons Sq large bales
Date of call: 08-03-98

Janice Brown
Ph: 705/295-2685
Peterborough, Ontario
Alfalfa / Timothy Hay with Birdfoot Trefoil, Brome, Orchard Grasses and Clover.
$3.00 to $3.50 U.S. per bale + trucking; negotiable

Donald Gallant Enterprises Ltd.
1722 Cole Harbour Road
Dartmouth, NS B2Z1C4
Timothy, small square bales, delivery can be arranged

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