Florida Hay Suppliers

For information about current sources of hay or to be included in this directory, call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at (850) 488-4132.

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The listings below are organized by county.



Bud Jerkins & Sons, Inc.
Hay Farms
Post Office Box 947
High Springs, Florida 32655
Ph: Home 386/454-3632 / Mobile 352/317-3480 or  352/258-6969
Coastal, Perennial Peanut, Watermelon Straw
Square & Round Bales

Diroge Ranch
Roger D. Williams
27010 NW 8th Lane
Newberry, Florida 32669
Ph: 352/472-3188
Alicia Bermuda
Round Bales

H & S Dugger Farms
Hayward & Susan Dugger
720 S.E. CR 219A
Hawthorne, Florida 32640
Ph: 352/481-3169
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Richard Mixson
Route 1, Box 481
Micanopy, Florida 32667
Ph: 352/591-1796
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Lee McSherry
15212 S.W. 79 Avenue
Archer, Florida 32618
Ph: 352/495-2997
Coastal Bermuda: Square & Round Bales
Alfalfa, Cow Pea Hay: Square Bales

Dexter O'Steen
16707 Northwest CR 241
Alachua, Florida 32615
Ph: 386/462-1419
Bermuda & Bahia
Round Bales

Ron Trowell
6808 Northwest 290 Street
High Springs, Florida 32643
Ph: 386/454-3738
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Dale Hayes
4202 Northwest 61 Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32606
Ph: 352/373-4922
Round Bales

Edward and Robert Bell
19201 N.W. 235-A
Alachua, FL 32615
Ph: 386/462/1596
Pensacola Bahia, Coastal, Oats Hay
Square and Round Bales

Bernnie Arndt
27723 NW 174th Ave
High Springs, FL 32643
Ph: 386-454-2144
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales
1000 rolls available. Cow and horse quality, some under cover. Delivery available, $22.50 and up.


Thompson Aerway Equipment - Pullets
8397 Claude Harvey Road
Glen St. Mary, FL 32040
Ph: 904-259-3677
Tifton 9 Cow Hay
200 Round Bales
Date of call: 06-16-00

Lamell Harvey
7606 Smokey Rd
Glen St. Mary, FL 32040
Ph: 904-259-2533
Coastal, Tifton 9
250 rolls, 4x5, approx. 1000 ponds horse hay

Zenas Griffin
1263 South Sanderson
Glen St. Mary, FL 32040
Ph: 904-275-2322
Alicia, Coastal, Bermuda
300 rolls horse hay, cow hay


Oden Farms
Wayne & Bobbie Oden
15151 Southwest 161 Street
Brooker, Florida 32622
Ph: 352/485-2575
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

Randy Conner
16514 SW 144 Avenue
Brooker, FL 32622
Ph: 352/485-2096
Coastal Hay
600 Round Rolls per Year
Stored Inside

David Sparks
13596 CR 231
Brooker, FL 32622
Ph: 352/485-1713
Coastal Bermuda
Square and round bales
750 rolls and 500 square bales available, all barn stored.



Richard Flamm
9232 Flamm's Place
Palm Bay, FL 32909
Ph: 321/727-3326
Florakirk Bermuda, square bales, high quality horse hay, high in protein and digestibility
Date of call: 04-21-01


J.J. Shiver
15454 Ashley Shiver
Altha, Florida 32421
Ph: 850/674-8824 or 850/899-6649
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales



Larry Boyette
32151 Bermont Road
Punta Gorda, Florida 33982
Ph: 941/639-2653
Floralta Hemarthria
Round Bales

Brad Issac
5419 East Stage Coach Trail
Floral City, FL 34436
Ph: 352/726-5333 or 352/544-2829 voice message
Square and round bales
I have 65 acres of Tifton 44 planted and now available as of October 1, 2000. We have horse and cow hay in rounds and square.
Date of call: 10-03-00

Lee E. Stokes
8325 W Orangetree St
Crystal River, FL 34428
(352) 795-4197

Central Florida Agri Services
2385 N Watersedge Dr
Crystal River, FL 34429
 (352) 748-7025
Coastal, Tifton, P-Nut, Pangola, Bahia and other Florida grasses
Square & Round Bales
Horse and cow quality hay year round. We have our own hay fields located in Sumter, Lake, Marion, Orange and Polk Counties. Delivery available depending on quantity and distance. We also offer custom Baling, round roll grass planting and other agri-services.

Curtis Peters or Jody Woodard
12664 HCR Limestone Trail
Crystal River, FL 34428
Ph: (352)563-2580
Bermuda and Bahia
Round bales
We have about 600-700 rolls annually stored in new dry barn to preserve quality, weed free. 5 'x 5' rolls, will load you quickly.



Allison Bros., LLC
Route 11, Box 591
Lake City, FL 32055
Ph: 386/752-9348
Coastal Bermuda
Square and round bales
We produce approximately 50,000 square bales per year plus about 300 rolls of top quality coastal Bermuda hay. It is heavily fertilized and irrigated. It is stored in dry barns to preserve the color and quality. We usually have some year round.
Date of call: 09-30-00

Arnold Green
2563 S. W. 208th Street
Lake City, Florida 32024
Ph: 386/963-3978
Fax 386/963-3558
Argentine Bahia
Round Bales

Haystack Farms, Inc.
William Lloyd
20213 - 57th Road
Lake City, Florida 32024
Ph: 386/963-5438
Coastal Bermuda Round Bales
Tift 85, Perennial Peanut
Square Bales
Delivery Available

Faye Duffy
Route 26 Box 596
Lake City, FL 37024
Ph: (386) 755-6308
Coastal Bermuda and Tifton 85
Round bales
We have 500 bales of Coastal Bermuda and Tifton 85, twice fertilized.

Doug Moseley
363 SW McClinton Dr.
Ft. White, FL 32038
Ph: 386-755-4409
Round bales
200 - 500 rolls/yr


Rick White
Post Office Box 2751
Arcadia, Florida 34265
Ph: 863/990-1049
Pangola, Florakirk, Hermarthria
Square and Round Bales
Custom baling available along with field preparation and planting.

John Ging
6600 Chestnut Road
Molino, Florida 32577-9409
Ph: 850/587-5431
Perennial Peanut
Square & Round Bales

Ted & Victoria Dennis
9805 S. Loop Road
Pensacola FL 32507
Ph: 850-492-1783
Coastal Bermuda and Pensacola Bahia
Square bales
All hay is tested and reports are available for each cuttting. We can ship by
local carrier or load your semi. Discounts are available for large loads. Visit our web page
for additional info. www.loopdouble-d.com


Larry Yeomans
 9485 Old Federal Rd
Quincy, Fl 32351
Ph: 850-627-9337
Argentine Bahia , Coastal Bermuda
Round bales
Year 2001 app. 1000 rolls, future years have a higher yield potential
Date of call: 09-10-01



Barney Faircloth
8539 Southeast CR 337
Trenton, FL 32693
Ph: 352/463-2086
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

Akers Farm
Frank Hudson
5859 SW CR 341
Trenton, FL 32693
Ph: 352/463-3036 or 352/215-3178
Coastal Bermuda
Round & Square Bales

Wolf Sink Hay
T.W. Peterson or Wes Grant
4251 N.W. 160 Street
Trenton, Florida 32693
Ph: 352/463-2051
Coastal, Tift 85 Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Brent Douglas
4279 NE CR 337
High Springs, FL 32643
Ph: 386/454-1557
Square Bales: Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales: Coastal and Tift 9

T & J Hay Farms
7170 S. E. 70th Avenue

Trenton, FL  32693
Ph: 352/472-5934
Coastal  and  Alicia
Square and round bales
300 round bales of Coastal, 300 square bales of Alicia, 300 round bales of Alicia and coastal mix

immy Fletcher, Jr
7450 NW 21st Avenue
ell, FL 32619
Ph: 352/935-2642
Square bales
Barn kept, asking $3.25 a bale.



W. P. Griffin Jr.
4274 N. W. 19th Terrace
Jennings, Florida 32053
Ph: 386/938-2111
Perennial Peanut
Square Bales

Billy Blair
1248 Southern St.
Jennings, FL 32053
Ph: 386/ 938 3271
World Feeder Bermuda Grass
Square bales
2000 bales of world feeder Bermuda grass hay 17 + protein 60+% tdn, call for price. Delivery available.

Kenneth and Toni Lollie
24340 Malvern St.
Brooksville, FL  34601
Ph: 352/797-6182 or 352/279-5457
Coastal-Tifton85-oat hay
Square and round bales; We have 1,000 bales of each and more coming in.
Date of call: 05-30-01

Kenneth Grubbs
5088 Tristan Road
Brooksville, FL 34602
Ph: 352/796-8724
Bahia & Tift Coastal mix
Round Bales

J.C. III Ranch
John B. Porter
24300 Croom Road
Brooksville, Florida 34601
Ph: 352/796-5000
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Edward B. Caufield
17801 Shady Hills Road
Spring Hill, Florida 34610
Ph: 727/856-1579
Penacola Bahia, Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

Jim Cheze
26484 Ernest Lee Rd
Brooksville, FL 34602
Ph: 352-799-5310
Coastal & Bahia
Square and Round bales


David A Baucom
28010 N W 142 Ave
High Springs, Florida 32643
Ph: 386-454-7855
Coastal Bermuda
Round bales
300- 400 bales

Cedar Creek Farm
Colin Grimes
17310 Lynndan Drive
Lutz, Florida 33549
Ph: 813/949-3906
Perennial Peanut
Round Bales

Cone & Collins
3849 Paul Duclman Highway
Plant City, Florida
Ph: 813/752-2489 Fax: 813/752-7011
Argetina Pangola Mix, Tifton
Round Bales

N.P.C. Commercial Mowing, Inc.
Nancy McLaughlin
2101 West Sam Allen Road
Plant City, Florida 33565
Ph: 813/757-0436 or 813/719-8606
Pangola, Argentine Bahia
Cross Cut
Round Bales

Allen Richter
309 E Kilgore Road
Plant City, Florida
Ph: 813-752-6099
Alicia, Timothy, Alfalfa
Square Bales

Tyson Richmond
5010 Bayshore Blvd. #7
Tampa, FL 33611
Ph: 813/610-2526

Ryegrass, Wheat

Stephen Albright
17161 Morris Bridge Rd
Thonotosassa, FL 33592
Ph: 813/780-7850
Round and Square Bales
approximately 200 round or 900 square

Robert Wilder
4507 N. Keene Rd.
Plant City, FL 33565
Ph: 813/752-1395
Perennial Peanut
Square Bales
I have 37 bales and access to more.  There will be another cutting in September. The bales average 45-50 Lbs and are $8.00 per bale. Local delivery will be free for 15 or more bales. (within or around Plant city)



Mark Wilson
1263 Roping Road
Bonifay, FL 32425
Ph: 850-956-4721
Bahia Tifton 9, round bales
$17/roll, must be picked up at farm, call for directions
Date of call: 09-05-01

Jerry Whitesell
1771 FlowJowle Well Rd
Bonifay, Florida 32425
Ph: 850/547-9309
Argentine Bahia
Square Bales

Frank Barone
2481 Red Rd
Ponce DeLeon, FL 32455
Ph: 850/836-4200
Alicia, Bermuda, Argentine Bahia, Tifton 9
4'5 and 5'5 Round Bales



Leland Thomas
2953 Daniels Street
Marianna, FL 32446
Ph: 850-526-5771
E-mail: Coastal Bermuda, Argentine and Pensacola bahia
400+ round bales
Date of Call: 10-09-00

Raymond Bruner
3363 Park Ridge Road
Marianna, Florida 32446
Ph: 850/482-3884
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Ted Bruner
6409 Wolf Pond Road
Bascom, Florida 32423
Ph: 850/592-2690
Coastal Bermuda,
Perennial Peanut
Square & Round Bales

Beauchamp Farms
Jim Beauchamp
630 Red Level Loop
Marianna, FL 32448
Ph: 850/762-8216
E-mail: Coastal Bermuda, Perennial Peanut, Wrapped Peanut , Mulch Square-Bales - FDOT Certified, Oat Straw
Square and round Bales
Horse Quality Hay Custom Hay Cutting and Baling

AAA Farm
3298 Park Ridge Road
Marianna, FL 32446
Ph: 850/526-4508
250 Round Bales
250 - 300 Rolls Bermuda Grass

Sharon D. McRoy
Admin. Asst. II
Jackson County Extension Service
2741 Pennsylvania Avenue
Marianna, FL  32448-4022
(850) 482-9620

Date of call: 08/03/00

Marvin Barrick
4620 Timberlane Road
Bascom, FL 32423
(850) 592-9873
Coastal Bermuda; Barn Stored.
Approx. $30.00 Per Bale; 5x5 Round Bales.
Very Good, Horse-Quality Hay.
55-60 Lbs Per Square Bale.
Date of call: 08/03/00

Lester Basford
4513 Lafayette
Marianna, FL  32448
(850) 526-3913  Days
(850) 482-2278  Nights
Tifton 9 Bahia; Ryegrass Occasionally
5x5 Round Rolls
Date of call: 08/03/00

Baxter Farms
P O Box  262
Malone, FL  32445
Clifton Baxter (850) 569-5240
Jim Bob Baxter (850) 569-2820
Coastal Bahia; Peanut Hay; Barn Stored Or Wrapped
1100 - 1200 Lbs Round 4x6 Bales.
Coastal Bahia Square Bales; Horse Quality Hay.
Telephone Your Hay Needs.
Custom Baling By Request.
Date of call: 08/03/00

Rex Douthit 
(850) 593-6857 or
Robert Douthit
(850) 593-5300
7633 Old Spanish Trail
Sneads, Fl 32460

Coastal Bermuda; Good Quality.
1000 Lbs Per Round Bale
50-60 Lbs Per Square Bale.
Custom Hay Cutting
Date of call: 08/03/00

Chip Parmer
3466 Peanut Road
Cottondale, FL  32431
(850) 352-2179
Perennial Peanut; Coastal Bermuda/Perennial Peanut
Round And Square Bales Available.
Date of call: 08/03/00

Steve Basford
1212 Spivey Road
Grand Ridge, FL 32442
(850) 592-6115 or (850) 526-8392
Well Fertilized Tifton 9 Bahia Grass
Round Bales
100 bales available

Dennis Pete
5467 Benalexmag Lane
Greenwood, FL 32503
(850) 723-3345
Coastal Hay
4 x 5 Round Bales
400 and 500 rolls available each year

Bill Conrad
5848 Hwy 2
Bascom, FL 32423
(850) 569-1137
Horse-quality, Alfalfa hay, square bales.


Shelley Davis
674 Steen Road
Monticello, FL 32344
(850) 342-1246
Round Bales

Don Voorhees
33840 Camail Lane
Eustis, Florida 32756
Ph: 352/483-0407
Mixed Grass

John Newsome
33319 County Road 468
Leesburg, Florida 34748
Ph: 352/365-9578
Coastal, Pangola, Bahia
Square & Round Bales

H. Scott
25035 Punkin Center Road
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737
Ph: 352/324-2534
Perennial Peanut Hay
Round Bales

R. K. Scovel
22308 Liveoaks Ranch Road
Umatilla, FL 32784
Ph: 352/669-3446
Alicia/coastal/worldfeeders Bermuda
Round Bales
800 Round bales per year. Square bales available 2003.

Allen Applebee
41244 CR 25
Lady Lake, FL 32159
Ph: 352/753-2009
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales
500-600 rolls annually

525 CR 48
Groveland, FL 34736
Ph: 352-267-3412
Tifton 44 or Bahia on request
Square and Round Bales
We will only cut Bahia on large amount request
Bahia rolls will be $20.00-$25.00 depending on quality. We have 550 acres of  Tifton -44  that we cut 3 to 4  times a year. Our Tifton -44 is a top quality horse hay. We have Round Bales for $35.00-$45.00,  Square Bales for $3.50-$5.00 a bale. If  you would like more info, please contact PAUL.



Amtel Farms, Inc
2500 Edwards Drive
Ft Myers, FL 33901
Ph: 239-980-5625
Round Bales
Many rolls available. Please call or e-mail for best price! Contact Bruce at (239) 994-4359.

David Meloy Hay Co. Inc.
3621 Buckingham Road
Ft. Myers, FL
Ph: 239-694-4611
Square and Round Bales
Pangola , Coastal Bermuda, Bahia, Flor Alta and hay for mulch purposes

Approximately 50000 Square Bales, 2000 Round Bales

Harold D. Kinchen
8990 Smith Creek Road
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 575-1629
Square & Round Bales
approximately: 25,000 square bales and 400 round bales, annually


Galen T. Watson
16251 N.W. HWY 129
Trenton, FL 32693
Ph: 352-463-7039
 Coastal, round bales
Top quality, weed free, 4X5 rolls, horse and cow, 400 rolls
Date of call: 10-17-01

L. R. Boyette
12551 Northwest 60 Avenue
Chiefland, Florida 32626
Ph: 352/493-7676
Pensacola Bahia, Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

Russell E. Watson
303 North Young Blvd.
Chiefland, Florida 32626
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

J Bar C Farms
James and Carol Berg
16650 N W 62nd Court
Trenton, FL 32693
Ph: (352) 463-3824
Costal and Alicia Bermuda, protein checked, horse and cow quality
Square and round bales

Thomas Butler
7170 SE 70th Ave
Trenton, FL 32693
Ph: (352) 472-6344, (352) 472-3007, (352) 317-2231
Alicia, Coastal Bermuda, Bahia
Square and round bales


Jemia Ranch
Jeff & Mina Bloodworth
 Rt. 1 Box 475
Madison, FL 32341
Ph: 850-973-9363
Tifton 85, round bales
Date of call: 10-09-01

Richard Cone
4244 SW Sundown Creek Rd
Greenville, FL 32331
Ph: 850/973-2399
Square bales, Perennial Peanut
Excellent horse quality hay
Date of call: 01-05-01

Charles Paarlberg
398 NE Laurel Oak Way
Lee, FL 32059
Ph: 850/971-5707
Perennial Peanut
Square and round bales
I also sell and plant perennial peanut sprigs and provide consulting on perennial peanut establishment.
Date of call: 12/01/00

CCR Iron Works Ranch
Mike Riley
Boggy Bay Rd
Greenville, Florida 32331
Ph: 850/929-4571
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Jimmy Dixon
332 Chamomile Way
Madison, Florida 32340
Ph: 850/973-8592
Coastal Bermuda
Round Bales

Hudson Farms
Wayne Hudson
1940 NW Concord Church Rd
Greenville, Florida
Ph: 850/948-3074
Alicia Bermuda, Perennial Peanut
Square & Round Bales

Ralph Williams
1603 NE Old Blue Springs Rd
Madison, Florida 32340
Ph: 850/971-5346
Perennial Peanut
Square & Round Bales

Henderson Farms
903 NE Cayenne Dr
Lee, FL 32059
Ph: 850/971-5517 or 850/524-0262
Perennial Peanut, Coastal Bermuda, Pea Vine, Tiff 9 Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Josh Boan
371 NE Plum Trail
Pinetta, FL 32350
Perennial Peanut
Square bales
Horse quality hay from well established fields

Howard Curtis
Rt. 4, Box 1563H
Madison,  FL 32340
Ph: 386-364-3635
Perennial Peanut Hay
Square bales



Daniel Yancey
27019 State Road 70 E
Myakka City, FL 34251
Ph: 941-322-2822
Cell Ph: 941-737-3759
Round bales
Quantity: 650 with more coming; Size: 6'Round bales.


Glen Swift
2173 NE 79th Place
Ocala, FL 34479
Ph: 352/622-5865
Coastal and Bahia
Horse and cow quality, cut this year, fertilized and weed-free.

Blue Bird Farm
Allen Hayes
7560 S. W. 81st. Place
Ocala, Florida 34476
Ph: 352/237-5105
Coastal Bermuda: Square & Round Bales
Pensacola Bahia: Round Bales

Richmar Enterprises
Richard G. Accolla
12900 N.W. 115th Street
Ocala, Florida 34482
Ph: 352/622-3156
Coastal Bermuda, Perennial Peanut
Round Bales

TwoShea Hay
18253 NW 20th Ave,
Citra, FL
Ph: 352/595-8385
Wisconsin premium alfalfa, Timothy mix. small squares, Available always
$225 per ton picked up / $255 per ton delivered, Ocala and surrounding areas.
By appointment only.

James Jennings
6881 NW 135 Avenue
Morristown, FL 32668
Ph: 352/629-4752
Coastal Bermuda and Coastal Bahia mix
Round Bales

Al Rosas' Northern Hay and Alfalfa
13450 N Hwy 301
P.O. Box 218
Sparr, FL 32192
Ph: 352/620-2737
Alfalfa, Timothy Alfalfa, Coastal Hay
Small squares

Dan Wilsey
PO Box 77
Micanopy, FL 32667
Ph: 352/873-3806 (home) or 352/207-7736 (cell)
Perennial Peanut, Coastal, N. Alfalfa
Square and Round Bales
Unlimited--year-round service to established customers

Twin Oaks Farm
14529 N Magnolia Avenue
Citra, FL 32113
Ph: 352/812-6613 or (352) 595-3573, Barn
Coastal, Bahia
Square and Round Bales
Barn kept round bales, horse and cow quality

Midwest Hay and Feed, Inc.
3352 N.W. Blitchton Road
Ocala, FL 34475
Ph: 352/351-8008
Western Alfalfa, Northern Timothy and Timothy Mixed hay, Coastal
Square bales
Western Alfalfa, Timothy and Timothy/Alfalfa mix, Coastal Bermuda, straw, shavings,
feed. We specialize in equine


B. Henslin
1794 Raddin Road
Yulee, Florida 32097
Ph: 904/491-5943
Coastal, Tifton 85
Square bales
Delivery to jax area in minimum quanity of 150 bales. Horse quality.


Jerry R. Hudson
37 Sharilyn Drive
Shalimar, FL 32579
Ph: 850/651-2370
Coastal, Tifton-85, Rye
Square and Round Bales
Coastal Bermuda: 150 Round bales, 250 Small square bales; Tifton-85: 150 Round bales, 250 Small square bales; Rye: 60 Round Bales
Date of call: 09-19-00

Chip Holland
884 Hwy 90
Holt, FL 32564
Ph: 850/537-4909
Costal Bermuda, Pensacola Bahia
Square bales

Walker Farms
5772 Hwy 4
Baker, FL 32531
Ph: 850/537-8352

Square and round bales. Weed free well fertilized.

David S. Lee
1225 S Lake Pleasant Road
Apopka, FL  32703
Ph: 407-886-0852
4' rolls hay for sale (300 roll minimum order), Horse quality Coastal Bermuda Hay for sale. The price will be $40 per 4' roll Cow quality Coastal Bermuda Hay for sale. The price will be $25 per 4' roll Cow quality (little lesser quality) Hay for sale. The price will be $17 per 4' roll 350 rolls available immediately, ask for Cheryl 407-886-0852 ext 24.
Date of call: 03-23-01 


Osceola Agricultural Services, Inc.
4412 Mesa Verde Drive
St. Cloud, FL 34769
Ph: 407/892-6449
Hermathia 500+ round bales annually; Pangola 500+ round bales annually; Stargrass 500+ round bales annually; Bahia 1000+ round bales annually; Hayledge available in all types of grasses; Square bales available in bahia grass
Date of call: 12-29-00

Arrow H. Ranch
1650 S. Narcoossee Road
St. Cloud, Florida 34771
Ph: 407/892-3348
Bahia, Coast Cross Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Haymans 711 Ranch
Tom & Diana Rew
Post Office Box 117
Kenansville, FL 34739
Ph: 407/436-1062
Hemarthria, Macaleb
Round Bales

Palm Beach

Marc Stucker
PO Box 298
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Ph: 561/795-0473
Costal Bermuda, Pangola
Round and square bales
2000 rolls of Costal annually barn stored, 500 rolls of Pangola barn stored . All horse quality and in a
4 x 5 tight roll. Cattle rolls available cheaper on occasion . Shipping available any where in fl by the full semi load.


Marabella Ranch
Ozwald Williams
34149 St. Joe Road
Dade City, FL 33525
Ph: 352/567-2222
Tifton 44
600 round bales per good season, 300 round bales per bad season (drought)
Date of call: 01-17-01

Jerry Gilley
11536 Singletary Road
Dade City, Florida 33525
Ph: 352/567-6306
Tifton 85, Tifton 44, Ona Star
Square & Round Bales

Hogans Grove Service
J. Mercer Hogan
13725 10th Street
Dade City, Florida 33525
Ph: 352/567-5916
Tifton, Coastal Bermuda, Pearl Millet, Mixed Hay
Round Bales

The Lange Farm, Inc.
9633 Handcart Rd
Dade City, Florida 33525
Ph: 352/588-4633
Bahia, Tifton 85
Round Bales

William H Martin III CPA
18124 Parrish Grove Road
Dade City, Florida 33523-6541
Ph: 352/567-2119
Alicia, Bermuda Grass Hay
Round Rolls

John Blommel
16625 Jessamine Road
Dade City, FL 33523
Ph: 352/588-3544
Tifton 44
Square bales
3,000 + Tifton 44

Rege Brueggman
PO Box 7243
Hudson, FL 34674
Ph: 727/919-4900
Bahia Cow Hay
Amount varies.  Also cows for sale.

La Hacienda Del Cielo
5050 Pinelake Road
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
Ph: 352/302-6774

Tifton 44
80,000 bales high quality hay


Toney Holton
3915 Chart-Prine Rd
Lakeland, FL 33810
Ph: 863-859-7154
Coastal, alicia, star, haermathia, bahia, alice clover
Round bales
We have hay in Polk and Hillsborough county. We also custom operate. Our baler is new 4x5 with silage capability.
Date of call: 10-20-01

Barry Hall
4145 Willis Road
Mulberry, FL 33860
Ph: 863/425-5953
Square and round bales; Coastal, Pangola, Bahia
Hay is cut as needed
Date of call: 12-20-00

Casons Farm
Donald Cason
1805 Ritter Road
Lakeland, Florida 33810
Ph: 863/858-7406
Coastal Bermuda: Square & Round Bales
Alicia: Round Bales

Robert E. King
10260 Moore Road
Lakeland, Florida 33809
Ph: 863/859-1161
Square bales, 1000 bales

E & G Hay Barn
4713 Swindell Road
Lakeland, Florida 33810
Ph: 863/686-5097
Top Quality Northern T/A and Alfalfa e supply T/A and Alfalfa from Canada and the Northern US. Our T/A bales ave. 55 lbs and are green 50/50 mix. Alfalfa bales ave. 60 lbs leafy and small stem. We have semis arriving every week so our supply is fresh.  All bales guaranteed! T/A 8.00 per bale Alfalfa 9.00, quantity discounts. Feed Store inquiries welcome.



T. Ray Allen and Kevin Allen
3625 Tropic Street
Palatka, Florida 32177
Ph: 386/325-2419 or 312-1084
Alicia Bermuda, Argentine Bahia
Square & Round Bales
Delivery available

Rudy Medlock
Route 1 Box 7110
Palatka, Florida 32177
Ph: 386/328-1966
Bermuda, Bahia
Square & Round Bales

Elmer & Joanne Parkin
152 Marvin Jones Rd
Cresent City, Florida 32112
Ph: 386/467-9207 Fax: 386/467-8502
Alicia, Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Teddy Siehler
P.O. Box 330
Pomona Park, FL 32181
Ph: 386/649-4995
Coastal / Alicia
Square Bales (3000) / $3.00
Round Bales (100 - 200)  / $35.00

Santa Rosa

Jerry Bloechle
6805 Springhill Rd
Milton, FL 32570
Ph: 850/9833699

Tifton 9 Bahia, Tifton 85 Bermuda, Alicia Bermuda
200 tons Bahia, 150 tons Bermuda. Some delivery available
St Johns

Greg Maltby
P.O. Box 576
Hastings, FL 32145
Ph: 904/692-2451
All types of hay
Square and round bales


Henry J. Ballester
Post Office Box 1686
Bushnell, Florida 33513
Round Bales

Kenneth B. Smith
3961 C. R. 621
Bushnell, Florida 33513
Ph: 352/793-2236
Coastal Bermuda: Square Bales
Coastal, Pensacola Bahia: Round Bales

Tal & Diane Strickladd
1734 County Road 227-A
Oxford, Florida 34484
Ph: 352/748-2717
Coastal: Square Bales
Bahia & Coastal Mixed: Round Bales
Square Oat available after 3/1/02

James W. Todd
3405 County Road 714
Center Hill, Florida 33514
Ph: 352/793-3928
Coastal Bermuda: Square & Round Bales
Perennial Peanut: Square Bales, 344

Erwin Lamond
346 CR 346
Wildwood, FL 34785
Ph: 352/748-2023
Bermuda and Bahia
Square and Round Bales
Orders taken in advance. Pick up required, or priced for delivery according to mileage and volume.

Brian Sams
PO Box 2495
Bushnell, FL 33513
Ph: 352/793-4493
Alfalfa, T/A, Orchard Grass, Alfalfa, T/O/A, T/A, World feeder
Square and round bales
Place order one week in advance, delivery available.

Eric Northup
PO Box 357
Coleman, Fl  33521
 (352) 748-7025
Coastal, Tifton, P-Nut, Pangola, Bahia and other Florida grasses
Square & Round Bales
Horse and cow quality hay year round. We have our own hay fields located in Sumter, Lake, Marion, Orange and Polk Counties. Delivery available depending on quantity and distance. We also offer custom Baling, round roll grass planting and other agri-services.

Jan Alexander
2339 CR 564
Bushnell, FL 33513
Ph: (352) 793-8365
Tifton 85, Alicia
Square and round bales
Bulk discounts offered

Bill Ryan
6200 CR 575
Bushnell, FL 33513
Ph: (352) 793-5358
Tifton 44
Square and round bales
Premium horse quality hay. Tifton 44 sq bales $4.00 - 4 X 5,  round bales $40.00, delivery & quantity discounts available for the Sumter-Hernando-Citrus tri county area.


Haas Farms
18862 105th Rd.
McAlpin, FL 32062
Ph: 386-364-4000 or (386) 364-1493
Coastal, round bales
3000 bales annually, barn stored, horse quality

Tim Webb
10315 184th Street
McAlpin, FL 32062
Ph: 386-364-2817
Coastal Bermuda Hay; Square bales starting at $2.75 and round bales starting at $20; delivery available
Date of call: 08-03-01

Andy Snider
10507 234th Street
O'Brien, FL 32071
Ph: 386/935-0301
Square and round bales, coastal bermuda
Highly fertilized and weed free.

William Lloyd
20410 County Road 49
O'Brien, FL 32071-3432
Ph: (386) 963-5438
Coastal, Tifton 85 and Perennial Peanuts
Square and round bales
Fertilized, weed free, delivery, horse-quality Wholesale Direct
Date of call: 09-14-00

Pete Collin, Jr.
12530 - 46th Street
Live Oak, Florida 32069
Ph: 386/842-2933
Perennial Peanut
Square Bales

Butch Cummings
9899 - 191st Road
Live Oak, Florida 32060
Ph: 386/208-8030 or 941/455-6492
Coastal, Bahia
Square & Round Bales

Lee Duren
17185 - 120th Street
Live Oak, Florida 32060
Ph: 386/776-2311
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

McArthur Linton
Post Office Box 63
McAlpin, Florida 32062
Ph: 904/364-1720
Coastal Hay
Square & Round Bales

Triple B Ranch
Ken Bartolotti
22346 - 120th Street
Live Oak, Florida 32060
Ph: 386/658-2010
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

A Cameron Farms
7775 150th Street
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386/963-5679
Square Bales: 15,000 yearly
Round Bales: 1,000 yearly
Well fertilized, no chicken litter, clean hay

William Carte
14227 171 Rd.
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386/776-1925
Coastal Bermuda
4000 Square bales, horse quality
600 Round bales

Mitchell Watson
12011 187th Drive
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386/776-1893
Round bales
This hay was cut in 1999. There are about 600 rolls available now at the price of $15.00 per roll. They are 4'x 5' in size

Howard Curtis
7030 177th Drive
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386-364-3635
Perennial Peanut Hay
Square bales

Tommy Taylor
2758 CR 252
Lake City, FL 32024
Ph: 386-963-2200

Coastal and Bahia
Round bales
150-rolls of Bahia some with net wrap, 4x5, 800# $18-$22 a roll. 500-rolls of Coastal half with net wrap,4x5 800# and some in barn. $18-$30. Delivery available through independent trucking.

Mark Randell
16645 CR 137
Wellborn, FL 32094
Ph: 386-208-2758
Coastal Bermuda, Bahia
Round bales
Horse and cow quality, hay net wrapping and delivery available

Springside Farm Inc.
19158 180th Street
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386-776-1315
Coastal Bermuda
Round bales
Approximately 1000 rolls, 4 x 5, stored outside

Jason and Laura Bashaw
9204 201st Rd.
Live Oak, FL 32060
Ph: 386-208-0614
Coastal Bermuda
Square and round bales
Quality horse hay. Square bales $3.25 ea. Barn stored, fertilized, weed free. Large quantity and semi load prices available. Round rolls $15 ea. Good for cows.


Joshua Smith
Rt. 3 Box 312
 Lake Butler, FL 32054
Ph: 386 961-6759
Coastal & Alicia, square and round bales
Date of call: 09-26-01

Moseley Farms
Rt. 3 Box 309
Lake Butler, FL 32054
Ph: 386 755-4328 or 386/961-6759
Coastal & Alicia
Date of call: 09-26-01

Bobby & Brett Parrish
Rt. 2, Box 176-A
Lake Butler, Florida 32054
Ph: 386/496-3465 or 386/496-4581 or 386/496-0681
Alicia Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Smith & Sons Sod Co., Inc.
Rt. 3, Box 204
Lake Butler, Florida 32054
Ph: 904/755-4328
Coastal Bermuda
Square Bales

C.L. Thomas
Hwy 241A
Lake Butler, Florida 32054
Ph: 386/755-0654
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales


Markalee Blackwelder
731 Blackwelder Road
DeLeon Springs, Florida 32130
Ph: 386/985-4560
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Bill Johnson
Post Office Box 1032
895 Mineral Rights Road
DeLeon Springs, Florida 32130
Ph: 386/985-4218
Coastal Bermuda
Square & Round Bales

Kiel Farm & Forestry Operations
Jeff Kiel
2457 Spruceview Way
Port Orange, Florida 32128
Ph: 386/756-7974
Coastal Bermuda, Tift, Bahia
Ryegrass, Oat Hay
Square Bales

Melvin Moore
445 Guise Road
Osteen, Florida 32764
Ph: 407/322-0368
Alicia Bermuda, Bahia
Square & Round Bales

Southeastern Hay & Nursery Inc.
1801 W. International Speedway
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Phone: 386/947-6591

Square and round bales

W. D. Mills, Jr.
1515 McGlon Rd.
Pierson, Florida 32180
Phone: 386/749-9774

Coastal, Alicia and Bahia
Square and round bales


Mike Alvarez
295 Royal Oaks Ct
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Ph: 850/210-0129
Perennial Peanut hay
60-65 lb Square bales
3600 bales per year $6 per bale can deliver

Ron Prokop
Horse Hay Specialist
807 Hiway 181 West at Gaskin
DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32433
Ph: 850/834-3333
Alyceclover, Tifton 9 Bahia, Tifton 85 Bermuda, Oat Hay, Ryegrass Hay
Square & Round Bales
All round bales net wrapped

Chet & Marsha Winegarner
968 Winegarner Road
DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32433
Ph: 850/892-4888
Coastal Bermuda, Argentine Bahia
Square Bales



Lois C. Jones
627 Stewart Road
Chipley, Florida 32428
Ph: 850/638-9848 or 850/638-0341
Crimson Clover, Argentine Bahia
Square & Round Bales

Alan Williams
404 Highway 77
Chipley, FL 32428
Ph: 850/638-8823
Crimson Clover (12 Rolls), Argentine Bahia (50 Rolls)
Round Bales
All heavy five-foot rolls stored inside.

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