Hay Available
from Indiana

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from Indiana to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Brenton Peters/Breken Farms
3287S 350W
Bringhurst, IN 46913
Ph: 765-268-2226 or 765-412-4861
Alfalfa and alfalfa/grass, square bales
I will have 1st cutting hay available in Square bales weighing approx. 700lbs. There will be some alfalfa, and alfalfa/grass mixed. I will ship. My price is 110p/t plus delivery. I will have approx. 120 tons of each.
Date of call: 06-13-01

Fred Reinhold
PO Box 65
Monterey, IN 46960
Ph: 219-542-2666
Alfalfa/tonga grass; alfalfa/oat; alfalfa/wheat, square bales
I will soon have my first cutting of alfalfa/tonga grass; alfalfa/oat;alfalfa/wheat available. I have small square bails which will be stored inside until sale. I have my own semi and trailer and would be available to truck to Florida if necessary. When I previously raised hay I sold to Briarwood Farms in Ocala. I am just now getting back into hay market. I expect to have appox. 15,000 bales over the summer. I will also have some pure alfalfa later on in the summer. 
Date of call: 06-13-01

Stephen Gaskins
4239 N State Road 75
N Salem, IN 46165
Alfalfa/Square bales
Date of call: 01-07-99

Lamar Loveland
100 North 250 East
Rupert ID 83350
208-436-9863 / Bus cell 208-431-7355

Dairy hay or horse quality alfalfa/small & large SQ bales
Date of call: 10-05-98

Joyce Bersley
2523 E Mt. Sterling Rd.
English, IN 47118
Mixed grass/69 bales/Rnd/1500 lbs/$30.00
Date of call: 09-01-98

Trent Durham
25985 S Cty Rd 300 E
Winchester, IN
mixed/30,000 RND 4x5 and SQ 2x3x8
Date of call: 08-17-98

Hisle & Son Transport
7 East Sycamore
Liberty, IN 47353
alfalfa, grass/1000 SQ 45-50 lb bales/Hay transportation company
Date of call: 08-17-98

Greg Shaw
Rt 12 Box 110
Bedford In 47421
Pasture Hay/300 RND bales (1000 lbs) $25 per bale/ Alfalfa mix 28 bales (1000 lbs) $35 per bale
Date of call: 08-06-98

Ted Johnson
30857 Lowes Ceder Road
Guttenberg, IN 52052
Alfalfa/500-600 SQ 3x3x8 bales
Date of call: 08-03-98

Larry Bronnenberg
4791 E 950 North
Mooreland, IN 47360
Alfalfa Clover Hay/4x5 RND Bales/$25 - 30 per bale
Date of call: 08-01-98

Fritz Rueff
1706 E County Rd 300 N
Greenburg, IN 47240
Alfalfa, 15.6 % protein/3200 SQ Bales 40 lbs each
Date of call: 07-28-98

Ed Guillaume
Box 244
Leopold, IN 47551
Timothy, Orchard/250 RND & 3000 SQ Bales
Date of call: 07-28-98

Paul Begle
Rt 1, Box 124
Dale, IN 43523
Wheat Hay/700 square bales
Date of call: 07-22-98

Rick Wright
10761 Sample Rd
Centerville, IN 47330
Clover, Alfalfa Mix/10 RND Bales, 1000 SQ Bales/Delivery Available
Date of call: 07-17-98

Laren Beenda
East Park, IN
Alfalfa, Mixed Timothy,Rye, Orchard Grass/Large SQ Preium & Small SQ Good Large Roll Fair
Date of call: 07-17-98

Dennis Moore
8210 N 1000 West
Elizabethtown, IN 47232
Alfalfa, Timothy Mix/1200 SQ Bales/$3.50
Date of call: 07-17-98

Norma Fleming
RND Bales
Date of call: 07-17-98

Gordon Dutson
2919 N 9th Str. Rd
Lafayette, IN 47904
Alfalfa, Timothy /RND Bales
Date of call: 07-17-98

David Lamb
285 S 1450 East
Burnettsville, IN 47926
Alfalfa, Clover/6000 Bales
Date of call: 07-17-98

Larry Zendl
1609 Fox Point Dr
Chesterton, IN 46304
Alfalfa/5000 SQ Bales
Date of call: 07-17-98

Wayne Jacobs
805 W CR 65 N
New Castle, IN 47362
Alfalfa/3500 SQ Bales
Date of call: 07-17-98

Roger Moore
Rickman, IN
Timothy, Mixed Grass, Orchard Grass Clover/100-200 Rolls/$20
Date of call: 07-17-98

Ray Stoud
French Neck, IN
Date of call: 07-10-98

Kenneth Fields
819 South 12 Street
Richmond, IN 47374
Mixed Grass/1000 SQ Bales/ List on Internet
Date of call: 07-10-98

Bob Leedy
6574 E US35
Losantville, IN 47354
Grass/Clover/Alfafa/300 RND Bales $30
Date of call: 07-10-98

Jack Oliver
P O Box 38
West Point, IN 47992
765-572-2266 / Fax 765-572-3004
Date of call: 06-26-98

Rauscher Farms
Hunting Burg, In
812-683 4453
Date of call: 06-26-98

David Ruggles
225 N 500 E
Lebanon, IN 46052
Alfalfa, Grass/Alfalfa mix and grass hay, $2.75 to $3.00 per square bale. Round bales $25 to $30.  Delivery available.

David Garrison
8119 S 375 W
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Alfalfa, Alfalfa/Timothy and straw, square bales. Call after 9pm CDT.
Small squares weigh approximately 60-65#. Trucking available.

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