Hay Available
from Kansas

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from Kansas to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Brian Still
P O Box 673
Ogden, KS 66517
Alfalfa/50 RND Bales
Date of call: 07-10-98

Bruce Ayers
County Line Farms
Rural Route 1
Courtland, KS 66939
800-476-6479 / 785-361-2023 / 785-361-2921(Fax)
Date of call: 07-10-98

Cantrell Hay Company
P.O. Box 327
Yates Center, KS 66783
Ph: 316/625-2558 or 316/625-2259
Website: www.cantrellhay.com
1000 Ton horse quality bluestem prairie hay, small square bales, approx. 65 lbs. each
200 Ton in 3X3X8 mid size squares, approx. 800 lbs. each
200 Ton cow quality alfalfa hay in 3X3X8 mid-size squares
Delivery available.

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