Hay Available
from Minnesota

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from Minnesota to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Marlon Burt
Box 53
Utica MN 55979
Dairy Alfalfa 500 SQ bales
Date of call: 08-07-98

Philip Thieling
P O Box 106
Moose Lake, MN
218-485-8066 / 218-485-8365 (Bill Masters)
Grass Hay/1500 Sq bales
Date of call: 08-03-98

Steve Nelson
Box 217
Askon, MN 55704
Alfalfa/100 Ton in RND & SQ bales
Date of call: 08-03-98

Brian & Wendy DeMatio
3935 Greenwood Rd
Alger, MI 48610
Mixed alfalfa grasses & clover/Sq Bales
Date of call: 07-29-98

Alan Fransman
RR 2 Box 126
Hills, MN 56138
Alfalfa Dairy/300 ton Sq Bales 3x3x8/$100 per bale
Date of call: 07-28-98

David Waterworth
New Folden, MN
Date of call: 06-29-98

Troy Tribyl
Plumber, MN
Date of call: 06-29-98

Doug Nelson
Lancaster, MN
218-762-6691 / 888-884-7246 / Fax: 218-843-3361
Date of call: 06-26-98

Nelson Farms Hay Co.
1192  91st St.
Hadley, MN 56151

Orchard/Alfalfa mix 85/15 and 50/50
We specialize in horse hay. We raise a orchard/alfalfa mix and also have a pure alfalfa. All hay is stored inside. We can arrange trucking. All hay is guarenteed. We have many satisfied customers. We can also supply Med. Square bales 2 * 3*7.5 ft size on an order bases only. We also offer contracting for the upcoming 2004 season. Check our web site at nelsonhayco.com

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