Hay Available
from Nebraska

The following is a listing of sellers who have called in from Nebraska to make hay available to Florida livestock producers.

close up of a bale of hay

Agri-cross Farms
19106 Davey Road
Greenwood, Nebraska 68366
402-789-2244 / Fax 402-789-2246
Alfalfa Dairy/800-1000 lb 3x3x7 1/2 bales
Date of call: 08-17-98

Rex Woolen
Wilcox, Nebraska
Alfalfa, 1500 Bales, RND (1000 lb roles), $50/ton
Picked Up
Date of call: 07-10-98

John Granstrom
Servi-Tech Laboratories
Hastings, NE
h:402-756-5893/w:402-756-5892/Fax 402-463-8132
Date of call: 06-26-98

Barb Kinnan
Nebraska Alfalfa Association
Date of call: 06-26-98

Layne Rolfoson
Agri-cross Farms
Greenwood, Nebraska
402-789-2244 / 402-789-2246
Date of call: 06-26-98

Becker Hay Farms
320360 County Rd J
Minatare, NE 69356

4 x 4 x 8 bales of Alfalfa from dairy to cow hay approx. 3000+ tons also sm sq. bales of Alfalfa/Grass Mix 600 bales approx. 60lbs ea, $95-$105 for 4 x 4 x 8 and $120 sm. sq

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