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Tips for Safe Surfing

We try to make sure that links to other sites are safe for kids before we put them on our site, but we can't be responsible for everything you might find.

The World Wide Web is HUGE and it's a great place to learn and have fun--- as long as you follow a few tips for safe surfing...

Back Button If you find a web site that makes you scared or uncomfortable or has bad language use the "Back" button!
Then go tell an adult right away.
Never give out your name, address, telephone number or a photo of yourself to anyone over the Internet before checking with an adult. Don't give out personal info!
Delete Button If you receive an email from someone you dont know,
let an adult open it first to check it out--- or just delete it!

Never, ever set up a face-to face meeting with someone you meet on line or in a chat room.
Think about it. You may have "talked" with them,
but the bottom line is: you don't really know them!

If someone says something in a chat room that scares you, log off and go tell an adult.

You don't know me.

Banner Ad

Clicking on an ad banner will take you to another web site. Dont click on one until you check with an adult.
Get an adults permission before buying anything on line especially if you have to use a credit card.
Don't buy on line without permission!

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