Commissioner Adam H. Putnam

Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

Florida's Agricultural Heritage in Paintings by Robert Butler

Sugar Harvest

Sugar Harvest

The Florida Everglades has always captured the imagination of all who journey there.

Farmers were no exception. Because of its unique climate and soil composition, created by a millennia of floods, it naturally solicited the attention of the farmer.

Today, lush green rows of sweetness dominate the view for miles, and a considerable part of the world’s sugar production owes its origin to the Everglades sugar cane fields.

Also, in a world depleting its fossil fuel supplies, sugar cane has begun to represent new possibilities as an energy source.

Whether as an alternative fuel or as sweet creations for the palate, and possibly yet unknown uses, sugar cane’s future seems secure. This tall, sweet grass continues to flourish beneath blue skies. Like many of nature’s bounties, sugar cane promises unknown potential and flexibility.

Its only limit is the skill and imagination of man.

— Robert Butler, 1999

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