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While fewer than a million Americans are involved in traditional farming, more than 21 million people are employed in nontraditional agriculture careers, many of which require advanced degrees. These careers encompass a wide range of jobs in food production, natural resources, plant systems, animal management and much more.

With the average age of Florida’s farmers now 57, it is important to spark young people’s interest in agriculture to encourage the best and the brightest to become involved in fields such as science and engineering that agriculture depends on.  Organizations such as Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, FFA, 4-H, and other agri-literacy educational programs are vital to the continuing growth of agricultural careers in Florida.  These programs are designed to teach students throughout Florida the importance of agriculture and help to maintain the future of this industry.

Career Information

The grid below lists some of the careers in the field of agriculture.  Click on each career title for a description of the type of work performed, information about the aptitudes and competencies required for the career, and suggestions on types of study courses to take in high school.  

Agriculture-Related Careers
Agricultural Economist Horticulturist
Agricultural Engineer Hydrologist
Agronomist Logging Engineer
Animal Nutritionist Marine Scientist
Animal Physiologist Molecular Biologist
Aquaculturist Naturalist
Biochemist Nutritionist/Dietician
Biometrician Plant Pathologist
Biosystems Engineer Plant Physiologist
Botanist (Plant Biologist) Range Manager
Climatologist Remote Sensing Specialist
Ecologist Science Writer
Entomologist Soil Scientist
Environmental Scientist Toxicologist
Fisheries Scientist Turf Scientist
Florist Veterinarian
Food Process Engineer Viticulturist
Food Scientist Weed Scientist
Forester Wildlife Biologist
Geneticist Wood Scientist

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