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“Planet Ag” Agricultural Topics for Science Fair Projects

Explore the world of agricultural science - Planet Ag

Are you looking for a fun and interesting science fair project? Then consider agriculture for your project topic. After all, agriculture is science -- the science of growing plants, breeding animals, and producing other food products.

This section of our web site, called "Planet Ag," will get you thinking about agricultural science.

There are lots of great ideas on Planet Ag to consider for your science fair project. In fact, a visit to “Planet Ag” might even be your first step toward choosing a career in agricultural science.

So explore the world of agricultural science on “Planet Ag” and good luck with your science fair project!

Science Fair Project Ideas
The Scientific Method
Project Ideas: Biochemistry
Project Ideas: Botany
Project Ideas: Chemistry
Project Ideas: Engineering
Project Ideas: Environmental Sciences
Project Ideas: Medicine and Health
Project Ideas: Microbiology
Project Ideas: Zoology
Citing Planet Ag in Your Bibliography
Information for Teachers
Practice Project: Experiments with germination inhibitors
Practice Project: How deep should seeds be planted?
Practice Project: Effect of oxygen deficiency on seed germination
Practice Project: Effect of excess oxygen on seed germination

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