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Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

“Planet Ag” Agricultural Topics for Science Fair Projects


What kinds of obstacles will roots grow through or around?

What kinds of additives are best for cut flowers in vases?

How do florists make blue and other colored carnations?

What are the benefits of fruits having furry skins?

How do plant hormones affect plant growth?

How are seeds and seedlings affected by gravity? (Geotropism)

Why are plant hybrids useful in agriculture?

How do seed companies produce their "perfect" seeds?

How can a seedless watermelon be grown from a seed?

How does a seedless naval orange reproduce?

What are some plants that have thigmotropism? (Touch sensitivity)

Why is algae added to some foods?

What types of algae are used?

How do people determine how deep to plant seeds?

What are some different ways that plants are pollinated?

Will a seed of a hybrid plant produce fruit like its parents?

How and why do plants grow toward light?

How do you determine the age of a tree?

Can past significant geological events be determined by examining the annual rings of a tree?

How is seed shape associated with seed dispersal?

How does the color or material of a container affect root growth?

What affects do different colors of light have on plant growth?

How do plants climb?

How do monocots differ from dicots?

How and why do some plants mimic other organisms?

Do all legumes have similar seed anatomy?

Do different colors of flowers attract different kinds of pollinators?

Is there a connection between leaf shape, margin, and veination and the type of food produced?

How powerful is a seed as it germinates?

What is the purpose of the root nodules on some plants such as peanuts, beans, and soybeans?

How are all parts of a particular plant used in agriculture?

How does thinning fruit or pruning fruit trees affect the size and quality of fruit grown?

What is grafting and why is it used on many trees and vines? Examples: Grapes, citrus etc.

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