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Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

“Planet Ag” Agricultural Topics for Science Fair Projects


What is co-generation? How can this be used on dairy and cattle ranches?

How are the diets for cattle, sheep, goats or zoo animals determined?

Where do certain cuts of meat come from on a specific animal?

What would be the affect of removing a certain animal from a food chain? Example: Extinction or physical removal.

How does the amount of water affect the types of wildlife found in a certain area?

How many insects will a common insect predator, such as a toad or praying mantis, eat in one day?

How do nematodes cause plant disease?

What do farmers do to reduce the amount of damage caused by nematodes?

Describe the life cycle of an insect pest. What state in the insect's life is it most damaging to farmers?

How are insects being used to reduce the number of damaging pests in a field? Example: Lady bugs and lacewings are used to eat aphids.

How is genetics assisting in the improving quality of beef, poultry, lamb and pork?

How can agricultural pests be reduced without using pesticides?

Why are hormones used in meat production? Do these hormones have an affect on the consumer of the meat?

What special plants are deadly to a particular animal?

How are embryo transplants done? Why?

Why are certain shellfish only harvested during certain times of the year? When are these special times?

What products do dairy cattle provide?

How can animal pests be genetically controlled?

Why are there fisheries throughout the United States?

Why are fisheries often associated with dams?

What types of food are sometimes raised on farms. How and why is this done?

How can hormones assist with wool production and shearing?

Abalone and oysters are sometimes raised on farms. How and why is this done?

What effects do certain chemicals such as phosphates have on marine animals?

What are the optimum conditions for hatching poultry or fish eggs?

What are some problems and solutions in raising poultry?

What organisms are major causes of deadly diseases in herds or flocks of animals?

What is hoof rot? What can be done to prevent it?

Why employ veterinarians at every meat packing and processing plant?

Examine the internal organs of an animal that has been slaughtered for food consumption (Contact a 4-H office to determine how specimens can be obtained and/or preserved).

What useful products, besides food, are made from pigs, sheep, cattle and poultry?

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