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Start Farmin' Game for Students

Start Farmin' Game for Students

This board game is designed to teach students the modern-day complexities facing our farmers through a fun and an interactive learning experience. It also provides a wealth of information about agricultural topics including, nutrition, animal and plant sciences, history and more.

Students play the game by beginning on the Start Farmin’ square. By rolling die they moving forward or backward based on positive or negative circumstances that increase or decrease a farmer’s chances of producing a successful crop. When students answer questions on a variety of agriculture topics, they may earn additional turns. Students must reach the “I Sold My Harvest” square to win.

Students can play separately or in teams. Questions can be modified to accommodate various age groups from second grade to high school. Teachers will need to determine age-appropriateness of questions for each participating class. The interchangeable game squares allow modification for many classroom settings and schedules.

The game squares were originally designed as 22-inch square floor tiles, creating a life-sized board game. The link below provides access to a file that can be downloaded and then used by a commercial printer to print the large floor tiles. The file for printing the large floor tiles can also be obtained on a CD by contacting us directly.

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