What is "Kosher from Florida?"

Kosher foods have always been in demand by those who have chosen to observe religious dietary laws, and are rapidly gaining popularity with other consumers. The strict processing and preparation standards of kosher foods are attracting huge numbers of consumers, such as vegetarians and other health-conscious individuals.

shelf talkers and shelf tags

But, quickly identifying kosher products in the marketplace can be difficult, especially among consumers who lack experience in locating the tiny traditional certification marks that appear on food packaging.

The "Kosher from Florida" logo program by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services helps all consumers to quickly and easily identify kosher foods that are produced in Florida.
The "Kosher from Florida" program is designed to help consumers easily identify Florida-produced kosher foods on store shelves.
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Products that are produced in Florida and have been certified as kosher by a nationally recognized kashruth certifying organization are eligible to bear the "Kosher from Florida" logo.

In addition to product packaging, the "Kosher from Florida" logo will appear on shelf tags, display cards, store window signs, and other promotional materials to assist consumers in finding the products they desire.

The "Kosher from Florida" program has been endorsed by the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami.

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