What is Kosher?

Kosher derives its name from the Hebrew "kasher," which means "proper" or "pure." Kosher refers to a set of dietary laws originating in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament that govern both the selection and preparation of food. Kosher goods, whether sold by large companies or small operations, must carry the certification of a rabbinical organization that has overseen the production and can attest to its purity.

In order to be certified as kosher, the food must be cleared by a mashgiach, a rabbi who inspects all the ingredients, equipment and various processing stages to determine that they follow the strict and complex dietary laws established more than 3,000 years ago.


If the products meet these standards, they are certified as kosher by one of the nationally recognized "kashruth" certifying organizations in the United States, and are identified by very small certification marks printed on the packaging. Some of the more common kashruth certification marks include a "U" inside a circle and a "K" inside a circle.
Kosher symbols

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