Hamburger with missing vegetable

Latest Fast-Food Myth

In recent weeks, there has been some confusion about the supply of Florida tomatoes. While it is true that many vegetables including tomatoes were in short supply for a while, that situation has passed. Quite simply, there is no shortage of Florida tomatoes.

Florida's vegetable production was temporarily delayed by this winter's severe freezes. But our state's farmers replanted and are now harvesting a variety of vegetable crops in large supply and of excellent quality. Tomatoes are back in grocery stores at reasonable prices.

However, some fast-food outlets and other dining establishments continue to perpetuate the "tomato shortage" story. Some haven't returned tomatoes to their menus. Others are requiring that customers specifically ask for tomatoes, or have downsized their tomato servings. This short-changes consumers. And, it hurts Florida's farmers who are seeing their crops go unsold.


A slice or two of fresh Florida tomato is the perfect way to top off a burger or sandwich. Remember, when your order is "with everything" that means tomatoes, too. Don't get short-changed; make sure you're getting what you pay for.

We all need to eat healthy foods, and including tomatoes and other fresh produce in our meals is important for good nutrition. So, whether you're dining in, dining out, or grabbing a quick meal at the drive-through, make sure you include fresh Florida tomatoes.