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March 10, 2003

'Greetings From Your Florida Farmers' Produce Promotion Targets Shoppers In Florida, Georgia, Alabama

TALLAHASSEE -- Swaying palms, gaping alligators, lush fields of crops under sunny Florida skies, and bathing suits that maintained the beach-goer’s modesty. For many, these scenes reminiscent of 1950s- and 60s-era Florida are the indelible memories of a fun Florida vacation experienced during their youth. Postcards of these images -- sent to relatives up north who were enduring the dreary winter -- were a playful way for Florida vacationers to “rub it in” and to share their experience with family and friends. These popular postcards became a mainstay of family photo albums and scrapbooks, and have since become collectors’ items traded through Internet auction sites and other venues.

Shoppers throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama will soon see a colorful splash of Florida postcard nostalgia in their grocery produce sections as a spring produce promotion gets under way, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson said today.

The campaign, called “Greetings From Your Florida Farmers,” runs from March 13 to June 5, and is timed to coincide with Florida’s important winter-spring harvest which supplies the United States with most of its domestically grown produce.

Posters, shelf cards and bin wrap featuring a retro-style Florida postcard motif will help draw shoppers to a variety of fresh Florida-grown produce now in season.

Nearly 1,400 stores representing five major grocery chains are participating in the promotion, conducted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Those participating are: Publix, 580 stores; Winn-Dixie, 454 stores; Kash N’ Karry, 146 stores; Albertson’s, 127 stores; and Wal?Mart, 63 stores.

The marketing campaign promotes the following Florida-grown commodities: bell peppers, celery, sweet corn, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, potatoes, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and watermelon.

Participating grocery chains agree to increase their purchases of Florida products, include the Florida marketing promotion theme in their newspaper ads and inserts, and use the “Fresh from Florida” logo on advertising and point-of-sale materials. Retailers increase the size of their displays to accommodate more products, adding waterfall displays, dump bins and mobile displays, for example.

“Increased retail sales translate into substantial gains for Florida’s growers,” Bronson said. “In fact, we’re seen Florida growers increase their spring acreage as a result of our Department’s continued marketing efforts on their behalf.”

The “Greetings From Your Florida Farmers” marketing promotion is part of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ ongoing Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign, also known as the “Fresh from Florida” program. This identification and promotional program is designed to boost the image of Florida agriculture and increase sales by helping consumers to easily identify Florida-grown agricultural products at retail stores. The multimedia campaign also helps increase public awareness of the importance of Florida’s agriculture industry, which has an estimated overall economic impact of more than $50 billion annually.

Note to editors: A print-quality, high-resolution digital image of the "Greetings From Your Florida Farmers" postcard can be downloaded from florida-agriculture.com/photos. The image file name is 03-10-03.zip .

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