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May 20, 1999

Three More Oriental Fruit Flies Found in Tampa

TALLAHASSEE Intensive trapping efforts in Tampa have yielded three additional Oriental fruit flies in the vicinity where two flies were found Monday, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford announced today.

"We are asking the public not to move residential host fruit and vegetables grown within the interbay area," Crawford said. "Efforts to eradicate this pest are severely compromised if infested fruit is moved from one location to another."

Crawford said the first of four bait station treatments would begin on Friday, May 21, in a nine-square-mile area surrounding the finds. Agriculture workers using hand-held applicators carried on specially adapted trucks will place small bait stations of methyl eugenol, mixed with a small amount of insecticide, high on utility poles or tree trunks. It is expected that the majority of the bait stations will be on city rights of way.

The bait stations will be reapplied every two weeks for approximately 60 days, or two life cycles of the fly.

The treatment area is bounded on the north by West Corona Street, on the east by MacDill Avenue, on the south by West McCoy Street and West Van Buren Drive, and on the west by Old Tampa Bay.

Residents having questions about the program should contact the Oriental Fruit Fly Helpline at 1-888-397-1517.


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