Agriculture Press Release

June 2, 1999

Supply of Pine Seedlings Limited; New Ordering System Implemented

TALLAHASSEE Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford announced today that there may be another pine seedling shortage this winter as landowners attempt to restore forestry plantings destroyed by last years wildfires, drought, floods and related insect infestations. New conservation programs also are encouraging tree planting, increasing the demand for seedlings.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Forestry, along with many private and industry-operated nurseries, have increased production in order to meet the expected demand. But brisk sales at private and industry-operated nurseries indicate that when the Division of Forestry begins taking orders later this month, the demand for seedlings will again exceed the supply.

Because of the anticipated seedling shortage, the Division of Forestry will begin taking orders for seedlings on June 24. All order forms received at the Division of Forestry nursery will be assigned a number. On July 9, a computer-generated random number list will be used to select the sequence in which orders will be filled, according to available supplies.

When a seedling type sells out, the remaining orders for that seedling type will either be filled with an alternate type specified by the customer, or placed on a waiting list. Beginning on July 12, any remaining seedlings will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

"This new system for filling orders is necessary in order to equitably supply seedlings to landowners at a time when seedling demand exceeds supply," Crawford said. "The Division of Forestry will give priority to landowners who need seedlings to restore areas devastated by recent natural disasters."

Department forestry personnel are available throughout the state to assist landowners in developing reforestation plans and managing forest lands.

Seedling order forms can be obtained by calling the Departments Andrews Nursery at (352) 493-6096, or from local Division of Forestry offices. Department seedlings are sold in lots of 250, 500 or 1,000. Orders must be paid by check or money order.

Seedlings will be available for delivery or pickup beginning December 1, 1999, at Andrews Nursery in Chiefland. There is a delivery charge of $3.50 for orders of up to 1,000 seedlings, and $3.50 for each additional 1,000 for all trees not picked up by the buyer at the Chiefland nursery.

The Division of Forestry produces more than 38 million top-quality forest tree seedlings for Florida landowners. Production of longleaf seedlings is expected to total nearly 12 million this year, making the Division one of the leading producers of longleaf pine seedlings. Because of the renewed interest in planting longleaf pines, the Division projects that longleaf seedling demand will continue to exceed supply for the next several planting seasons.

The success of the Departments tree-planting program is indicated by the fact that in early December, the 6 billionth tree will be planted in Florida since the Department initiated the states reforestation effort in 1928. Plans are being made for a dedication ceremony to commemorate this milestone.

The following table indicates the type of seedlings and price for quantity ordered:

Tree Seedlings

Price per

Price per

Price per

Improved slash pine $32 $28 $23
Improved rust-resistant slash pine $34 $29 $24
Improved rust-resistant slash pine
(large caliper, maximum order 100,000)
$44 $39 $34
Improved rust-resistant loblolly pine $34 $29 $24
Improved rust-resistant loblolly pine
(large caliper, maximum order 100,000)
$44 $39 $34
Improved longleaf pine (maximum order 75,000) $65 $55 $45
Longleaf pine (maximum order 75,000) $60 $50 $40
Improved Choctawhatchee sand pine $35 $30 $25
Improved Ocala sand pine
(maximum order 10,000)
$35 $30 $25
Baldcypress (maximum order 5,000) $125 $75 $50
Pondcypress (maximum order 5,000) $125 $75 $50
South Florida slash pine $40 $35 $30

Improved = first generation orchard or better

Delivery Charges:

  • $3.50 per 1,000 seedlings (or)
  • $3.50 per species on orders less than 1,000
  • $2.50 per 1,000 for truckload deliveries of at least 200,000 seedlings to a single customer

Orders for more than 1,000 seedlings must be ordered in increments of 1,000 seedlings.


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