Agriculture Press Release

June 20, 2000

Six Billionth Forest Tree Planted

TALLAHASSEE - Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford announced that the Division of Forestry commemorated the planting of the states 6-billionth forest tree seedling in Daytonas Tiger Bay Forest.

"The planting of this tree marks a milestone for reforestation," Crawford said. "This seedling represents the ongoing commitment of the forestry community to sustain Floridas natural resources."

The state first began growing forest tree seedlings in public operated tree nurseries in 1928.

Division of Forestry Director Earl Peterson, along with local officials, were on hand to watch a group of Deland school children plant a 5-foot native cypress tree. The tree was planted in a part of the Tiger Bay Forest, which was severely damaged by wildfires in 1998.

The Departments Division of Forestry oversees 800,000 acres of statewide forests. More than 100 million seedlings are grown each year in Florida by state, industry, and private tree nurseries to meet reforestation needs. Reforestation is vital to controlling soil erosion and protecting water quality as well as providing fiber for wood products, shelter for wildlife and revenue for landowners. It is estimated that more than 100,000 acres of tree seedlings are planted every year in Florida. While a variety of tree species are produced, Slash, Loblolly and Longleaf Pine are the most popular.


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