Agriculture Press Release

July 27, 1999

Aglink Program Helps Companies Develop Trade Ties

TALLAHASSEE Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford today encouraged Florida companies to take advantage of a federal program that helps companies develop trade relationships with newly independent countries, such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The Agribusiness Linkage Program (AgLink), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides an opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to explore new markets or enhance existing ones in emerging-market countries.

The program provides financial and administrative support for U.S. managers to visit these countries, identify potential partners for joint activities and offer practical on-the-job training to their foreign counterparts.

After a foreign partner is identified, the USDA provides travel expenses, help in getting a visa, and a daily stipend for the foreign managers training at the U.S. company for up to two months. After the training, AgLink funds a follow-up visit for the U.S. manager to the overseas firm.

Through participation in the AgLink program, managers of U.S. companies can establish contacts and develop unique relationships with companies in the Baltics, Poland and the newly emerging countries.

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