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August 24, 1999

One Oriental Fruit Fly Trapped in Brevard County

MIMS One male Oriental fruit fly has been detected in a trap in a wooded area near Titusville in Brevard County, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford announced today.

"Our trapping program has once again proved itself," Crawford said. "We hope this find will be a repeat of the Deltona detection of three weeks ago a single fly that has somehow been transported from the infested area of Hillsborough County, or possibly introduced via illegally imported foreign produce, with no subsequent detections in the area."

The fly was found in a trap late Thursday, August 19, in a wooded area in the town of Mims, just north of Titusville, and confirmed Friday. No flies were found over the weekend, and no spot treatments are planned at this time. Trapping density is being increased throughout Brevard County to facilitate early detection of any possible infestations in the general area; about 600 fruit fly traps are in place in the area surrounding this find.

In Hillsborough County, agriculture officials have detected a total of 16 flies in Tampa since the first one was detected in south Tampa on May 17. Only one spot treatment remains in east Tampa and a quarantine remains in place in south Tampa. In Deltona in Volusia County, one male fly was detected on July 30.

Residents in any areas with Oriental fruit flies Tampa, Deltona or Titusville are asked to pick up all ripe and fallen fruit in their yards, double-bag it in plastic and put the bags out with regular household garbage, not with yard trash.


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