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September 20, 1999

Crawford Announces Release of Two New Citrus Varieties

WINTER HAVEN Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford announced today the release of two new citrus cultivars, both varieties of mandarins, to Florida growers.

"These new varieties will be highly prized by citrus growers," Crawford said. "We expect the public will like them as well, since they are relatively seedless and popular in other areas of the world."

The selections W. Murcott and Fina Sodea Clementine are from California. Since they are untried in Floridas growing conditions, it is suggested they be used for trial planting at first.

The Division of Plant Industrys Germplasm Introduction Program, whose new facilities opened in Gainesville in June 1999, conducted tests of these selections and declared them pathogen-free for distribution to growers.

Registered citrus nurseries interested in purchasing W. Murcott or Fina Sodea budwood at $1 per budeye should contact Mike Kesinger, Chief of Citrus Budwood Regstration/DPI at (941) 298-7732. Trees are not available at this time, so growers or homeowners looking for trees should contact their registered citrus nursery to place their order.


For more information:

Michael Kesinger
(941) 298-7735

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