Agriculture Press Release

September 25, 1998

White Shrimp Are in Abundant Supply

White Florida shrimp are abundant and at the height of their season in Northeast Florida. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture, Northeast Florida white shrimp harvesters and suppliers will be in their peak season for just a few more weeks.

In 1997, Florida waters produced more than 3.2 million pounds of white shrimp. Currently, harvesters are pulling in about 1,200 pounds per day. This shrimp species (Penaeus setiferus) is commonly referred to as "white," but they are actually a grayish-white, with a green, red or blue tinge on the tail and legs. Cooked white shrimp are very similar in color, taste and texture to the other varieties of shrimp.

Shrimp provide an excellent source of high-quality protein and are adaptable to many methods of preparation. For more shrimp information and recipes, check out the Bureau of Seafood and Aquacultures website at www.fl-seafood.com


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