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October 19, 1998

Survey of Forestry Management Practices Released

TALLAHASSEE Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford recently announced publication of the 1997 Silviculture Best Management Practices (BMP) Compliance Survey.

"This is the most comprehensive evaluation of forestry operations since BMP monitoring began in 1981," Crawford said.

The Division of Forestry evaluated more than 5,600 forestry practices on 202 operations involving more than 120 forest landowners, representing a collective ownership of approximately 31,000 acres stretching from the state's western Panhandle to Lake Okeechobee in South Florida.

The compliance survey, an essential part of the Division's Silviculture Best Management Practices Program, critically examines forest activities, such as timber harvesting, site preparation, and tree planting adjacent to surface water bodies or in forested wetlands to determine if they were performed according to the state's 1993 Silviculture Best Management Practices Manual.

"The Silviculture BMP Program is directed primarily at protecting Florida's natural water resources from non-point source pollution associated with forestry operations," Crawford said.

The 1997 survey results show that 96 percent of all forest practices evaluated met or exceeded BMP standards.

"These results indicate a strong willingness by the forestry community to conduct forest management activities without endangering the state's valuable water resources," Crawford said.

Copies of the 1997 BMP Compliance Survey report are available by calling the Florida Division of Forestry at (850) 414-9934 or by contacting the nearest division field office.


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