Preliminary Highlight Report From Commissioner
Charles H. Bronson

Grocery Shopping Preferences

Prepared by Division of Marketing and Development
January 30, 2003


Commissioner Charles H. Bronson and the Division of Marketing and Development wanted to obtain baseline data regarding attitudes and perception of US consumers regarding domestic and imported produce and “Point of Origin” identifiers.


There is only one way to determine attitudes, perceptions and experiences of any group; that is to ask them. The Division of Marketing and Development commissioned Mid-Florida Marketing & Research, Inc., to conduct a survey of (2500) residents of major cities around the country, specifically (400) New York, (400) Chicago, (400) Philadelphia, (350) Boston, (350) Tampa, (200) Birmingham, (200) Charlotte, and (200) Cincinnati.

Respondents were to be responsible for all or (about) half of their household’s grocery shopping, and over the age of 21.

The survey instrument was designed with input from the Division of Marketing and Development and tested with 100 respondents. No changes were suggested by the test.

Telephone interviews were conducted days, evenings and weekends from Mid Florida’s Ormond Beach field office. As is industry standard, supervisory staff validated 10% of all completed surveys. No surveys had to be repeated.

Data was analyzed using ABTAB™ software specifically designed for research, automatically conducting standard tests of validity on each question and accommodating unlimited comparisons of information cells (cross-tabulations).

Confidence level in this data is 95% +-5%; that is the data for 95% of the subject population, within 5% on each question. This is industry standard.

The following charts and graphs are highlights of the full report.
Raw data and cross-tabs are currently being evaluated by the Division of Marketing and Development and is available upon request.
Inquiries: Nelson Pugh, Director

Cities and Number of Respondents
2,500 Total Surveys

Demographics of All Respondents

Answers from All Respondents in All Cities (Averages)
How much of the household grocery shopping do you do?

When you shop for groceries do you notice where fresh produce is grown?

Do you feel that USA grown produce is safer than imported produce? It is…

Do you feel USA grown produce is higher quality than imported produce? Is it…

Price and appearance being equal, would you select USA grown produce over imported produce…

If a logo or label were on fruits and vegetables indicating where they were grown, would you purchase USA grown produce…

While shopping for fruits and vegetables, where would you prefer to see the country of origin indicated?

On a scale of 1-5, with one being not important and 5 very important, tell me which of these factors influence you to buy USA grown fruits and vegetables…

All things being equal, except price, if fruits and vegetables’ country of origin were clearly identified, how much more would you be willing to pay for USA grown products?


For more information:
Nelson Pugh
Director: Division of Marketing


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