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A High Quality Multipurpose Forage

Perennial peanut is a high quality forage with a market demand that outstrips supply. It replaces imported alfalfa and brings a profitable return.

For Beef Cattle

  • Beef cattle grazed on Perennial peanut are similar in flavor, juiciness and tenderness of meat as compared to feedlot fed cattle
  • As a winter supplement perennial peanut is more economical than range cubes
  • Steer grains averaging 1.7 lbs./head/day grazing perennial peanut compared to 1.0 lbs./head/day on bahiagrass

For Dairy Cows

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  • Fed as hay, haylage or greenchop
  • As silage, perennial peanut can be substituted for up to 70% of corn silage while maintaining milk production
  • More profitable than corn diets when fed up to 50% of diet

For Gestating Sows

  • Fed with 80% perennial peanut meal, sows yielded equal numbers of pigs farrowed alive and remained alive after 21 days compared to corn-soybean meal
  • Fed at 80% maintains acceptable reproductive performance over successive gestations

For Goats

  • Has greater feed consumption compared to alfalfa
  • Greater weight gain and feed efficiency compared to alfalfa

For Horses

  • Perennial peanut is a highly palatable forage
  • Has amino acid composition similar to alfalfa
  • Has calcium and phosphorus content similar to alfalfa