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10-24-03a: Aquatica Tropicals, Inc., has facilities in Plant City, Lakeland and Ruskin.

10-24-03b: Tropical fish produced at Aquatica Tropicals, Inc.

10-24-03c: Marty Tanner, owner of Aquatical Tropicals, Inc., has partnered with the University of Florida and other research facilities to pioneer new techniques.

10-24-03d: The 150-acre Sun City Tree Farm is located in Ruskin, Florida.

10-24-03e: Brothers J.C. Tort and Eric Tort, owners and operators of Sun City Tree Farm.

10-24-03f: Sun City Tree Farm has adapted a root bag system that saves water by allowing tree roots to draw water from the ground, and reduces the costs of fertilizer, weed control chemicals, fuel, irrigation and labor. Currently, 80 percent of the approximately 100,000 trees are grown above ground in cloth bags as part of the root bag system.

10-24-03g: The Williamson Cattle Company is headquartered in Okeechobee, Florida, where it produces citrus and cattle. The company also operates a catfish farm and cattle ranch in Alabama.

10-24-03h: Frank “Sonny” Williamson Jr., left, and son, Frank “Wes” Williamson III.

10-24-03i: Most of the hammocks, pine forests, and swamps on the property have been left in their natural state at Williamson Cattle Company.

08-25-03-a: Fresh-2-U Logo

08-25-03-b: Flow Chart

08-25-03-c: Food and Nutrition Logo

08-25-03-d: Fresh-From Florida Logo

08-25-03-e: Report Card Page 1

08-25-03-f: Report Card Page 2

08-25-03-g: Report Card Page 3

08-25-03-h: Report Card Page 4

08-25-03-i: Report Card Page 5

08-25-03-j: Report Card Page 6

08-25-03-k: September Poster

08-25-03-l: October Poster

08-25-03-m: November Poster

08-25-03-n: December Poster

08-25-03-o: January Poster

08-25-03-p: February Poster

08-25-03-q: March Poster

08-25-03-r: April Poster

08-25-03-s: May Poster

08-25-03-t: June Poster

08-25-03-u: Banner

08-25-03-v: Charles H. Bronson photo

08-25-03-w: Jim Horne photo

08-06-03a: Map: Participating states

08-06-03b: Chart: Increases in retail sales

08-06-03c: Chart: Increase in participating stores

08-06-03d: Diagram: Linkage marketing strategy

08-06-03e: Chart: Florida grows more fruits and vegetables

08-06-03f: Chart: Florida tomatoes increased acreage

08-06-03g: Logo: Fresh from Florida

08-06-03h: Photo: Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson

05-30-03a.zip: From left, Produce Specialist Jim Colley and Customer Support Specialist Pam Hamlett of the Defense Subsistence Office in Tidewater, Va., display the donated fresh Florida oranges that are being handed out to sailors and Marines as they disembark from the USS Harry S. Truman in Norfolk.

05-30-03b.zip: From left, Customer Support Specialist Pam Hamlett and Lt. Commander Frankie J. Hand and of the Defense Subsistence Office in Tidewater, Va., display the the donated fresh Florida oranges that are being handed out to sailors and Marines as they disembark from the USS Harry S. Truman in Norfolk.

05-30-03c.zip: Television news crews from around the nation covered the return of the USS Harry S. Truman, the first East Coast carrier strike group to return from the Iraq war.

05-30-03d.zip: Thousands of family members, loved ones and well-wishers were on hand at the Norfolk Naval Base to welcome back the sailor and Marines aboard the USS Harry S. Truman.

05-30-03e.zip: From left, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson presents the first boxes of fresh Florida oranges to Lt. Cmdr. Frankie J. Hand, U.S. Navy, Chief, Defense Supply Center in Tidewater, Va., and Capt. Jeff Bradley, U.S. Navy, Director, Directorate of Subsistence, Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia, and during a press conference on May 1 at the Port of Tampa.    

05-30-03f.zip: The 1,188 boxes of donated fresh Florida oranges bore a special label, “Greetings From Your Florida Farmers: Florida Agriculture Supports Our Troops.”

05-01-03a.zip: Florida Agriculture Supports Our Troops (press conference backdrop poster)

05-01-03b.zip: Greetings From Your Florida Farmers (citrus carton label)

03-10-03.zip: Greetings from Your Florida Farmers

07-17-02-0004.zip:  Increase in retail sales

07-17-02-0005.zip:  Florida grows more, while other states decline

07-17-02-0006.zip:  Florida tomato harvested acreage increase

07-17-02-0007.zip:  Linkage marketing strategy

07-17-02-0008.zip:  Map showing promotion participants

07-17-02-0009.zip Chill It or Grill It

07-17-02-0010.zip:  Florida Sun Fresh

07-17-02-0011.zip:  Northern Exposure: Win A Florida Vacation

07-17-02-0012.zip:  Fresh from Florida, vertical with text

07-17-02-0013.zip:  Charles H. Bronson, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

07-17-02-0014.zip Florida tomatoes harvested in field

07-17-02-0015.zip:  Florida tomatoes, close-up

07-17-02-0016.zip:  Florida sweet corn harvested in field

07-17-02-0017.zip:  Florida sweet corn, close-up

07-17-02-0018.zip:  Florida peppers, close-up

07-17-02-0019.zip:  Store display, Florida tangerines

07-17-02-0020.zip:  Store display, Florida tangerines

07-17-02-0021.zip:  Store display, Florida celery and carrots

07-17-02-0022.zip:  Store display, Florida grapefruit

07-17-02-0023.zip:  Store display, Florida squash, eggplant, cucumbers

07-17-02-0024.zip:  Store display, Florida cabbage

05-24-02b: The proposed redevelopment project located between Lake Avenue, 13th Street, and French Avenue

05-24-02a: The redevelopment project would feature an open-air farmersí market for residents to enjoy

03-06-02: Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson meets with Bi Gang, deputy consul general


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