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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Effect Of Excess Oxygen On Seed Germination

Plant seeds in two glass jugs, as described above. In the experimental jug, insert a two-hole stopper with glass tubing, rubber tubing, and clamps as shown. Open both clamps to let oxygen into the jug. Then close both clamps and record the results over a period of two or three weeks, comparing these seeds with those in the jug which contains only air.

A convenient way to supply oxygen is by adding hydrogen peroxide to the material from the inside of a flashlight cell. The gas should be bubbled through water to remove other gases which may be produced. Additional oxygen may be added from time to time in this way.

The experiments described on this page have not been performed many times in this particular way, and further checking of the results is needed before any general conclusions can be drawn. The experiments should be tried with different kinds of seeds under carefully controlled conditions.

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