Before rabbit production begins, markets must be identified. A well-planned marketing strategy is essential for a successful agricultural business. A primary goal of the Southern Commercial Rabbit Producers Association is to stabilize production which will enhance the marketability of Florida rabbits and rabbit products. A reliable supply of rabbits will allow marketing systems to function to the benefit of the industry.

When raising rabbits for meat, consideration must be given to the availability of processing facilities, market requirements, transportation costs, and potential buyers. Buyers and processors of meat rabbits may have specific requirements such as breed, age, color and overall quality. Restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, custom meat stores, and individual buyers are the primary purchasers of rabbit meat. Other markets for rabbits include the pet industry and research sectors.

When marketing breeding stock, it is important to establish a reputation for high-quality animals. Demand for breeding stock is developed by the maintenance of accurate and detailed production records, a consistent supply, and advertising. breeds