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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Florida Breakfast Recipes

Recipe No.

Recipe Name

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Breakfast-7001 Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake  
Breakfast-7002 Clermont's Blueberry Muffins  
Breakfast-7003 Strawberry Muffins  
Breakfast-7004 Blueberry-Apple Crisp  
Breakfast-7005 Mamey Muffins  
Breakfast-7006 Papaya and Custard on Gingercakes  
Breakfast-7007 Watermelon Muffins  
Breakfast-7008 Blueberry Shortcakes  
Breakfast-7009 Carambola Star Pancakes  
Breakfast-7010 Rock Shrimp Breakfast Casserole  
Breakfast-7011 Blueberry Pancakes  
Breakfast-7012 Eggplant Pancakes  

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