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Florida Meat Recipe

Savory Stuffed Florida Zucchini

(Photo Below)
Amount Ingredient
12 small zucchini
1 onion, minced
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 slice challah bread
1/2 cup chicken broth
2/3 pound lamb, ground
1 egg, beaten
1 tablespoon Italian parsley, minced
  kosher salt
  fresh ground black pepper
  cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon sugar

Wash the zucchini and scrub well to remove any dirt. Using an apple corer, core each zucchini, taking care not to pierce the skin. Saute the onion in half of the olive oil until wilted; cool. Soak the bread in the broth for 10 minutes, squeeze dry, and combine with the lamb, onion, egg, parsley, salt, pepper, a pinch of cayenne, and a little freshly grated nutmeg in a bowl; knead well with your fingers until well combined. Stuff each zucchini with a little of the lamb filling. Heat the remaining olive oil in a deep, wide pan (pan should be at least 12" deep). Add the zucchini, 1/2 cup of water, the sugar, salt and pepper; cover with an upside-down plate( to keep the zucchini submerged). Cover with a lid and bring to a boil, then simmer 40 minutes. Remove the lid and the plate, and reduce the liquid in the pan. Serve hot.

6 servings

Look for "Fresh from Florida" ingredients at your grocery store.

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