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Federal Assistance Programs


Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)

Agency: Farm Service Agency (FSA)
Florida Contact: Kevin Kelly
Telephone: (352) 379-4500
Fax: (352) 379-4580

Provides financial assistance to producers of noninsurable crops when low yields, loss of
inventory, or prevented planting occurs due to natural disasters. Eligible producers must have applied for coverage of noninsurable crops using Form CCC-471, "Application for Coverage," and paid the applicable service fees at their local FSA office. NAP covers the amount of loss greater than 50 percent of the expected production, based on the approved yield and reported acreage.

Criteria: The natural disaster must occur before or during harvest, directly affect the eligible crop and have reduced the expected unit production of the crop by more than 50 percent or prevented the producer from planting more than 35 percent of your intended crop acreage.

How to apply for assistance: Producer must notify local FSA office and complete an application for payment (available from FSA office) within 15 calendar days of the natural disaster occurrence; the final planting date, if your planting was prevented by a natural disaster; the date damage to the crop or loss of production becomes apparent to you or the normal harvest date.

Contact: Local FSA office or State FSA office at (352) 379-4500, Fax (352) 379-4580 (Kevin
Kelley - Florida FSA State Director).