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Federal Assistance Programs


Tree Assistance Program (TAP)

Agency: Farm Service Agency (FSA)
Florida Contact: Kevin Kelly
Telephone: (352) 379-4500

Provides financial assistance to qualifying producers to replace eligible trees, bushes, and vines damaged by natural disasters. Qualifying producers are reimbursed 75 percent of the actual costs to replant the number of eligible trees, bushes, and vines or the calculated amount using the established rates, whichever is less. TAP program participants are limited to $75,000 per "person" in TAP payments for the 2004 through 2007 crop years. In addition, each person is limited to 500 qualifying acres for all TAP payments. Funding for program is subject to availability.

Criteria: Eligible trees, bushes, and vines are those from which an annual crop is produced for commercial purposes. Trees used for pulp, timber, Christmas trees, and nursery tree stock are ineligible. Trees, bushes, and vines may be replanted on a field that is not the field where the losses originally occurred. Also, replanted trees, bushes, and vines may be different than those damaged as long as they have the same general end use, as determined by FSA. To qualify, there must be a loss of 15 percent or greater from a disaster for the individual stand, adjusted for normal mortality.

How to apply for assistance and contact: Contact your local or state FSA office.