Tropical fruit... the sweetest part of the Florida experience.



While the general public may just now be discovering tropical fruits, these delicacies have been staples in many ethnic markets for generations. America, the most diverse nation in the world, is made up of countless cultures, cultures that have used tropical fruits in their cooking for generations.
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Although they're a new trend, tropical fruits have actually been around for ages. The Chinese have harvested lychees for thousands of years. Carambolas have been popular in Malaysia for centuries. The papaya was enjoyed through-out Latin America, long before Columbus discovered the New World.

As we've seen in recent years, ethnic groups are the starting points for many trends that sweep the entire nation. Take Tex-Mex cooking, for example. Ten years ago few could spell or even pronounce jalapeno -- now it's the hottest ingredient in the fastest-growing specialty food in America. And salsa has even replaced ketchup as the top condiment. Who would have thought?
A multimillion-dollar enterprise that had its roots in one niche market.The same potential exists for tropical fruits.

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