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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Video Script

Title: Florida 4-H Adult Recruitment
Type: Informational/Promotional
Length: 5:28
Year: 2001

Each of us has lived a unique life. We’ve experienced the world in our own way, giving each of us a distinctive blend of perspective, knowledge, skills and talents.  Just think how much the next generation could benefit from your lifetime of experience.  

Kids can get only so much from textbooks.  They need to explore new things and develop “real life” skills in order to gain self-esteem.  But, even though they are eager to learn, today’s kids all too often don’t have the opportunity to benefit from the diverse experiences of adults.

Kids are our future leaders; their minds are open and they appreciate the guidance and advice that comes only with experience – your experience.  Bringing kids and adults together to share that experience is what 4H is all about.

4-H is a “learn-by-doing” program for kids ages 5-18.  It promotes positive values, social responsibility, and lifelong learning.  Adult volunteers are the foundation of 4-H, which engages youth in all aspects of learning and development as a whole person, symbolized by the 4-H emblem:  Head:  Learning to think and make decisions.  Heart:  Developing acceptance, appreciation and welfare of others, and learning the true meaning of citizenship.   Hands: Developing skills and pride and respect for work.  Health:  Understanding a growing and changing body and practicing healthful living.

4-H has evolved since its inception in the early 1900s.  While the principles have remained constant, the activities and projects have kept pace with the times to appeal to new generations of youth.

Local clubs plan and conduct their own events, with the guidance of adult volunteers.  Professional staff work with youth and adult volunteers to develop programs based on the specific needs of each Florida county.  There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach for a state as diverse as Florida!

Each year 4-H members from all over the state convene to elect new officers, recognize fellow members for their outstanding service, and learn and demonstrate new skills.

4-H is not just a program for farm kids.  4-H provides programs in cities and suburbs as well as in rural and farming areas.  It encompasses a wide range of projects to include the culturally diverse interests of all youth across Florida.

Many adults in your community are already involved in 4-H -- making friends, having fun, and working together to make a difference in the lives of others.  Your life experience and knowledge of your community can help generate even more ideas for involving local youth in rewarding projects.

Projects like driving kids as they deliver meals on wheels; helping cleanup playgrounds, beaches, rivers, and parks; planting a garden and giving the produce to local food banks; creating a backyard habitat for birds and other animals; or volunteering at local soup kitchens.

There is a special sense of accomplishment in helping a new generation of young people grow into upstanding adults.  It’s rewarding to see a young mind develop, spurred on by your involvement and guidance, and realize that someone else really appreciates what you have to offer.

4-H cannot exist without volunteers like you.  Your desire to work with young people and influence their lives in a positive way is the first step toward becoming a 4-H volunteer.  Volunteering just one evening a week with 4-H can make a difference!  Call, or visit us on the web, or contact your local County Cooperative Extension Office, to find out how you can be a part of this important and rewarding program.

4-H ... Florida’s future begins with youth.  Share the experience.

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