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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner

Video Script

Title: 1994 Ag-Environmental: Adams Ranch, Inc.
Type: Agriculture-Environmental Leadership Award
Length: 2:15
Year: 1994

To see the photographic work of Alto "Bud" Adams, is to understand his lifelong appreciation of nature -- one that is reflected today in his successful cattle operation.

Bud Adams: As I was exposed to this as a young boy, why, I never wanted to do anything else. And I still feel that way. This is what I like to do. This is why I'm still doing it at my age, and this is all I want to do.

Under the leadership of its owner, the Adams Ranch is world renowned for its stewardship of the land, wildlife and water resources. The improved and native pastures found in this wet prairie community provide the perfect forage for the original Braford Herd, developed on the Adams Ranch. The ranch mirrors the natural mosaic of vegetation typical of the area and provides the improved nutritional value of properly managed pastures.

One of the most acclaimed attributes of the family's management style is the willingness to cooperate with government research and conservation programs. For more than a decade, the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission has assisted the family with the management of wildlife including game, non-game, threatened and endangered species. Mr. Adams has also cooperated with efforts to reintroduce the endangered whooping crane to Southeast Florida. He also has granted many public and private research organizations access to his ranch to study the sandhill crane, bald eagle, osprey, and caracara.

The Adams style of leadership through example continually reinforces the positive image of Florida's agriculture industry.

Bud Adams: We think we're doing the right thing, both in our business and in handling the environment. And we can only exist here as an industry if people realize that we are important and we're good member of the community.

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