How to use the WIC/FMNP coupons

Go to the farmers market in your area.

2. Look for farmers at the market displaying this sign stating "WIC/FMNP coupons accepted."

3. Choose from the locally grown FMNP approved produce available.

4. Show the farmer your WIC ID card.

5. Sign your name on the coupon and give the coupon to the farmer.

Using WIC/FMNP coupons


You must use your Farmers Market coupons to buy only locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. FMNP checks may not be used to purchase baked goods, seafood, or processed foods such as jams, honey, apple cider, fruit juices, pickles, or cane syrup.

Coupons are only issued in $4.00 amounts.

WIC-FMNP Coupons
You will not receive any change back if your purchase is less than $4.00.
Ask the farmer if you can receive additional produce to make up the difference.

You must use your coupons by July 31, 2004. Farmers will not accept coupons after this date.

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