Christmas Tree Farming in Florida
Originally, the family Christmas tree came from the forest. Today, however, most Christmas trees are plantation - grown in cultivated stands to provide consumers with the best possible trees.

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While growing, Christmas trees provide many environmental benefits. They serve as wildlife habitat, increase soil stability, and provide a valuable and aesthetically pleasing improvement to the land.
xmastree.jpg (25577 bytes) Each year, the young trees must be shaped or pruned to encourage the tree to branch more quickly, and gradually achieve the full bushy appearance people prefer in their Christmas trees.

During the three to six years it takes to grow into as well-shaped six to eight foot tree, the Christmas tree faces many hazards. Trees can suffer from too little sun, too much or too little rain, destruction by rodents, insects, disease, hail, fire, or by being overgrown by brush, vines or weeds.

Many tree farmers allow customers to choose and cut their own Christmas trees. This has helped renew the tradition of the entire family selecting and cutting the Christmas tree.

Todays Christmas tree producer works hard to provide quality trees to market in the freshest condition possible. Many growers say that the hard work is all worthwhile when they see a happy family and the excitement of children as they help select the familys Christmas tree.

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