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Make it Quick

For quick dips, add pureed fruits ~ such as berries, mango or papaya ~ to yogurt or non-fat sour cream seasoned with honey. Serve with cut-up fruits.

Look for pre-peeled citrus fruit in your produce section. Serve fresh out of the jar or combine in fruit salad, or broil with honey and cinnamon.

Dont forget to top hot cereal with fruit.

Add finely grated cucumber to dressings and dips.

Puree strawberries or a mango with a little honey or sugar and serve 1/4 cup over yogurt, cut fruit, or waffles.

Layer fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt and serve in a parfait glass.

Use flavored yogurt for quick salad dressings (pineapple yogurt with thinly sliced cabbage or grated carrots).

Substitute avocado for sour cream on tacos or burritos. Its similar in fat and calorie content, but richer in nutrients.

Get two servings simply by slicing up bananas, strawberries or other fruit over a bowl of cereal and drinking a glass of 100 percent orange juice. Three-fourths of a cup of fruit juice constitutes a serving, as does
1/2 cup of fruit.
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Use mashed avocado for topping on a baked potato instead of butter for a great taste with lots of potassium and other nutrients.

Add chopped vegetables ~ such as broccoli or spinach ~ to your favorite rice or pasta mix.

Saute Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs in a little margarine for topping on green beans, broccoli, cauliflower or squash.

Dont forget mushrooms for that steak ~ just 5 medium mushrooms make up a complete vegetable serving.

Bake or microwave root vegetables ~ like carrots, parsnips, turnips or onions ~ with honey.

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