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orange juice

"Just one 8-ounce glass of orange juice provides more than 100 mcg of folic acid. Its important to drink Florida orange juice every day because your body does not store folic acid. And some scientific researchers believe that its better to get vitamins from natural sources than from supplements. So start your day with Florida orange juice, the natural way to get folic acid." ---- Florida Department of Citrus

"Folate is in many healthful foods. A bowl of lentil soup or fortified breakfast cereal, a large spinach salad, or a tall glass of orange juice will put a woman well on her way to 0.4 mg of folic acid." ---- U. S. Food and Drug Administration

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"Folic acid (Folate, Vitamin B9) is a B-complex vitamin that occurs naturally in such foods as yeast, liver, kidneys, and leafy, green vegetables. Folic acid is essential to the development of healthy blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins in the body." ---- Excite Health

"Folic acid contributes to normal cell division in the body. For practical purposes, the terms folic acid and folate are used interchangeably. Poor eating habits, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking and oral contraceptives have all been linked to low blood levels of folic acid." ---- The Mayo Clinic

"Women need the vitamin folic acid every day. Be sure you get enough by taking a multivitamin every day and eating a healthy diet."  ---- Wellness Web

"It's been known for some time that folic acid prevents birth defects, but researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center have completed research that helps to explain exactly how this occurs." ---- Mediconsult.com